Saturday, June 25, 2011

Growing Up Amish

Growing Up Amish by Ira Wagler

Book Was About:The story of how Ira Wagler found God.He grew up in an old order Amish community.During the time when he was Seventeen to Twenty-Six he ran away five times.And he returned five times.He talks about his family, his famous Dad, what drove him away and how he was sure he was condemned to Hell when he left the Amish.

Objectionable Content:He smoked for about ten years.He got hooked.Also while he was running around outside in "the world" he drank as did some of his friends.He confessed running around with a English women.Though I don't think anything really happened.

What I Thought:I really liked it.It was so interesting!How the Amish lived, grew up, their rules...everything.I thought it was so sad that when he left he always thought that God would never accept him unless he was Amish.It is a great book with a great story, very redemptive and eye opening.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 14/15 up.


I got this book free from the publisher.

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