Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Real Quick....

Here is a quick update guys!
I have reviews coming out every other day until the 9th of June currently.
So that is covered.
Next, one of my followers, Katrinka has opened up a blog!
Please go check it out and follow her!
And while I am on the subject of followers...

Thanks so much for following!

Now only one person entered my Giveaway...Thanks so much Sarah!
So I'm going to try again later when I have more time to advertise and when I have more followers.
Although Sarah, if you want me to send you a book I'll be glad to.
I think that that is about it...and if anyone knows how to
create on of those cool headers with like three pictures please let me know!
And if anyone knows where to sign up to review books for Zondervan... I would really appreciate it too.
Love you guys!


  1. Hey Sierra! It's up to you whether or not you still want to send me a book. I don't mind either way...honestly. I hope next time you'll get more entrants into your giveaways, sweet girl! =)

    Also, I know how to make headers with three pictures in it! ;) If you'd like me to tell you the steps to do it (which may be slightly difficult) or make a header for you I'd be more than happy to do either one. Just let me know, okay? You can shoot an e-mail to me at: EvenstarHeart{at}gmail{dot}com

  2. Hello Sierra

    I know how to make those headers! If you would like me to, leave a comment on my blog. :) Or I could just give you a tutorial on how to do it.

    ♥Book blogger

  3. Thanks so much guys!

    Book Blogger:I'm going to get Sarah to help me make one, but thanks so much for your offer!


  4. Hey, thanks SOO much for mentioning my blog!!! :)


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