Monday, June 13, 2011

Point Blank

Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz.

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Summery:Alex Rider busts up a drug dealer and through that he has another mission with M16.
Two murders, both rich men.Both with sons that went t o a reclusive reform school.M16 wants him to go undercover and find out what is going on.He still isn't allowed weapons and he really could have used them on this mission.

Romance:The family that he is supposed to be a part of, their daughter he saves from a train.She says he can kiss her if her wants and he says he would rather kiss the horses they were riding(GO ALEX!).
One of the boys at the school claims to have three girlfriends.(P.S. That is bad!)

Language:D**n.The big one.

Violence:Death defying acts, injuries, faked death, shooting, minor characters getting killed, holding a gun on someone, a crazy guy with and evil plan, almost a live dissection, threats of death and almost getting run over by a train.Also a(spoiler!) cliff-hanger"which Alex dies"(read the book and find out!) and tense danger moments.

Other:Some talk of high school kids doing drugs and Alex being mad about that.

Time Period:Modern.

Waht I Thought:Very exciting, tense, great adventure.Awesome plot too.

Rating 7 Age:4 stars.13/14 up.


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