Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Reluctant Queen

The Reluctant Queen by Joan Wolf 

Summery:Esther is a Jew whose mother was a Jew and her father a Persian.She has always lived with her uncle, Mordecai.When he has a dream that he thinks was a warning form God, he sends her to the harem to enter a contest to be the next queen of Persia. The King, Ahaseurus, banished his last wife because she didn't obey him.Esther doesn't like it but follows her uncle's wishes.Surprisingly she is chosen!What will become of her and will she truly save her people?

Romance:After they were married, they obviously do some stuff.Nothing descriptive just obvious.Falling in love with each other, hugging or kissing.

Bad Romance:Her handmaiden and eunuch have sex (though the eunuch was changed so he could not  be a father) before marriage.


Violence:A hanging.A short non-descriptive battle.A decree to kill or run out the Jews.Some arguing.

Other:They checked her to see if she was a virgin.(Eunuch) They did something to the eunuchs so they could not hurt/rape the women.

Time Period:Not sure umm...probably (asked Mom because I didn't want to look it up) about 400 B.C.

What I Thought:There were some changes, but for the most part it was pretty close to the really story.It really went into what could have happened to Esther.Like her getting pregnant and really loving Ahaseurus/Xerxes.I thought that the story was well written and the plot was good.

Rating 7 Age:4 stars.Ask your mom about it, but I would say...14 up.


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