Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tempest Rising

Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs.

Summery:When Tempest almost drowns close to her birthday she knows it is coming.Her choice is coing up.The one her Mom said would come.She has already grown gills.Who knows when the tail will come.Yes her mother was a mermaid.And she must choose land or sea.When a strange boy named Kona shows up and knows all about her, things start to speed up.Which will she choose and can she survive the coming tempest?

Romance:Medium descriptive(for most) kisses(a lot!), some make out scenes (sad, so sad).And talk of loving someone.
Bad Romance:Tempest cheats on her boyfriend Mark, and he kinda cheats on her.But she was gone for three weeks!Her parents didn't get married until after her mom was pregnant.It is implied that she has already gone all the way, mention of a memory on Mark's bed kissing(no description just that sentence basically).

Language:H**l, S**t,A**,bi**h and they kept saying bull.I don't know if that is a cuss word or not.Those were the majors.

Violence:Her mother is pretty much murdered.Destroyed by a sea monster.In a tapestry this same monster was killing mermaids.One was headless.They come back to that once or twice.A couple murders/killings.Tempest almost killing Kona by accident.

Other:She took of her clothes once, while swimming and then forgot about.They rest of what she had on became kinda became see through.She got a robe and Kona joked that she didn't have to cover up just because of him.When she changed into mermaid(tail)and Kona into a selkie they lost their clothes.Neither saw the other though.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Well a ton of stuff (like all the romance.A little would have been fine.But what they had seemed over the top.Too much for me.)could/should have been left out.Other than that(and a few other issues) it had a good plot.

Rating & Age:3 stars.14/15 up.



  1. This looks okay . . . But, no, "Forgive My Fins" isn't depressing. The only saddening part was that the protagonist lost her mother when she was young, but everything else is fine. There are a lot of dark books huh? I can't tell you how many books I've read where the main character is an orphan. All the parents are dead :< It's seriously depressing. That's why I like happy books! If you have any suggestions, just lemme know!! :)

    A good mermaid book is "The Forbidden Sea". Here's the link to my review, if you want :)

  2. Sonny:Thanks for the feedback.I know what is it with people and their problems?Sometimes you only need a couple problem you know?Thanks again.

  3. This book doesn't look like it's for me,but thanks for the review! Oh, and you asked once if I had blog, and I do now! Therre isn't much on it, but if you like it, could you tell other people about it? here it is:

  4. Katrinka:Yeah, it was a little dark and had some...unnecessary things in it.Thanks so much!And I'll definitely blog about it :)


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