Friday, June 3, 2011

The Throne Of Fire

The Throne Of Fire by Rick Riordan.

Summery:With the threat of Apophis waking up in a  few days Cater and Sadie are on another adventure.This time to wake Ra, the sun god.The House of Life and some of the other gods are against them.Which can complicate things.Though this time the Kane's have some new friends, Walt, who has a secret and kinda likes Sadie, and some of their other trainees as well as Bast's friend Bes, a hairy dwarf god with a (*cough*fashion crime*cough*) speedo.

Romance:Anubis kisses Sadie, Carter is pretty freaked out when he wakes up Zia, and start mouth to mouth resuscitation.(sp?) She doesn't really like it and takes it in the wrong way.They are on off and because she doesn't really know him or trust him. Sadie is stuck between Anubis and Walt.Bes liked bast, who didn't like him and Twarharet( the Hippo goddess.I forgot how to spell it.) liked him.

Language:Mentions someone cussing, but no actual words.

Violence:Tons of strange monsters, people trying to kill the, evil lurking and lots of danger.Oh and a scary dwarf God in a speedo(hairy too.Major crime!).

Other:Egyptian gods, magic and magicians.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Funny with an adventurous and sassy twist.A good exciting read, good plot and to sum it up awesome! It was more serious than the first one.more at stake and a cliffhanger :(

Rating & Age:5 stars.13 up.


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