Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eyes Like Stars

Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Summery:Bertie has always lived at the Theater.But now she has one chance to prove that she belongs or else she will have to leave.She is going to direct Hamlet in Egypt.With the change will disaster strike?
Yes.Ariel a strange, mulling wind spirit has stolen the book(with all the plays written in it) and is trying to free himself.Meanwhile he is also freeing the other players.Can Bertie fix it, find her family, who she is and where she belongs?With her friends the fairies and the pirate Nate by her side...of course.

Romance:Two make out scenes(one a reenactment).Not very descriptive.
Bad Romance:Some more vulgar things(the fairies may have shaken their rear in a rude fashion...and uh bare fashion.I wouldn't wear it.Looks terrible) and in a bath scene where Bertie removes her clothes and there is a guy there.Nothing is shown really though.And it is portrayed as bad.It was like a Greek public bath(lots of fog too.)Ariel says to Bertie(when wearing a dress and corset) that she know has a figure.

Language:D*m*, H**l, A**.

Violence:Arguing, a bit of a harsh punishment for Ariel and Nate was captured.

Other:Magic.One of the fairies didn't have any underwear on because his laundry hadn't been washed.

Time Period:Not really sure.Maybe Victorian?

What I Thought:Confusing at some parts(especially the beginning), a couple bad scenes that could have been left out...a little dark her and there maybe.Other than that it was funny...the fairies especially.

Rating & Age:2 stars. 14 up.


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