Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Listen

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

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Sorry(once again)for the bad picture.
Summery:Annabel lives the fine line.Always careful to shield her mother from more hurt even if it means withholding the truth about Annabel's life from her.Ever since that night, when she lost her best friend, Sophie, and her social life, she has been estranged and's building up in her.But now that she has met Owen things have been...different.He challenges her with the truth and to just listen.

Romance:A couple kisses.Making out.Some flirting.Her sister(Older) got into a relationship but it was hardly mentioned.A crush.
Bad Romance:Annabel walks in on Sophie and her boyfriend making out.He kinda tries to rape her.He tries it again with another girl.

Language:S**t, P**s, W**re, B***h, D*m*, F***, H**l.

Violence:Arguing, some depressing arts, Owen hit someone pretty bad and got sent to jail for it.And he hits the bad guy :).

Other:Her sister had an eating disorder(threw up blood too).Mention of underage drinking, smoking and maybe some drug reference.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Not the best.There was a lot of negative stuff in this one.The other two were better.I just kinda think this one was a dud.

Rating & Age:2 stars.14 up.



  1. I actually just got this book from the library again, and, well, my opinion of it dramatically dropped. :P Yeah, I hadnt realized how much "bad stuff" was in it. :P One of my favorites by Sarah Dessen is Keeping the Moon, now that's an awesome book!

  2. Trinka:I'll have to try that one out.I would recommend What Happened To Goodbye.I really liked that one :)


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