Monday, July 11, 2011

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz.

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Summery:In order to escape a Chinese gang trying to kill him Alex Rider has agreed to go to America.There the CIA will use him to get their agents into Cayo Esquelto or Skeleton Key for a scouting mission.It';s supposed to be safe for Alex and a vacation.Two weeks on the beach.It doesn't quite turn out like that though.As always there is some crazy guy(Sarov) trying to destroy and take over the world.Typical.

Romance:Sabina(a "friend" for now) kisses him briefly and saves his life.
Bad Romance:Sarov was going to make the Russian President look bad with some edited footage with some younger women.


Violence:Explosions, murder, battles/fighting,shooting. Sarov was willing to kill his own people in order to get what he wanted.

Other:Mention of drinking(not underage), smoking, and drugs.

Timer Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Exciting as always!And also tense, suspenseful, and it will keep you reading without stopping.Very enjoyable and an easy read.Looking forward to the next one.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 13 up.


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