Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treasuring Emma

Treasuring Emma by Kathleen Fuller.

Summery:After the death of her mother (her father is also dead) Emma starts to fall apart.Her sister, Clara, is worrying about money and pressuring her and she still hasn't gotten over Adam who broke her heart two years ago.Meanwhile Adam is finding that the life he thought would bring him peace doesn't.He comes home to see if he can find what he is missing.Can they both find God, Peace and Happiness?

Romance:Kissing, holding hands, hugging, loving, starting to love.
Bad Romance:Adam slept with a girl twice and then feels guilty about it and stops it a third time.(One chapter with her in it, after that zilch.) Clara(Emma's sister) and her husband Peter are having some marriage trouble and Clara has some bad thoughts toward Peter's cousin.She prays about it and God helps her.


Violence:An intentional fire(a girl that Peter's cousin hurt and stole from is hurt pretty bad with some glass that shattered during the fire), Leona(the grandmother) gets pneumonia and coughs up some blood, arguing/yelling.

Other:Drinking(brief mention).Emma's mom died from Cancer.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I really liked it! This is one of the best Amish books I've read so far and I haven't read many.It was very relaxing, as reading a book should be and the characters were so lovable!I would really recommend this book!

Rating & Age:5 stars.14 up.


I got this book free from the publisher.

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