Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Truth Of The Matter

The Truth Of The Matter by Andrew Klavan.

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Summery:Charlie West has been on a mission to find out his past, what happen in the year he forgot.Now he knows who can tell him what happened.Waterman.Waterman gives him an antidote to help him remember.When wakes up from a memory attack, he finds he is surrounded by the Homelanders, terrorists out to get him.Can he escape capture?

Roamnce:A couple kisses, falling in love/remembering falling in love.


Violence:People shooting at you, getting shot, dangerous (like you could die)situations, some fighting scenes and a good guy/ bad guy chase scene that ended in a car wreck.Charlie has memory attacks that are painful.


Time Period:Modern.

What I thought:Better than the last two(they were awesome too, but this one took the cake :) .It was tying things in so well!And such a big shock when his last contact is revealed.It was very well written.

Rating & Age:5 stars. 13/14 up.



  1. Hmm, looks good! Love your new header, btw! :3

  2. Sonny:Yeah, it was very exciting!I can't wait for the fourth and final book.Thanks som uch!I love it too.


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