Friday, July 29, 2011

Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess by Frewin Jones

Summery:After seeing her brother die by the hands of the Saxons, Branwyn is struck with grief and anger.She is sent to safety, now the only heir.Though she doesn't want to.She feel she should stay and fight if need be.In the safety of her families friends,waiting for a safe journey to be married(once again something she doesn't want), she treated rudely and like a savage.She wanted to fight, she just felt she wasn't brave enough.And now strange things are happening.Things that don't make any sense.

Romance:Mention of liking someone.


Violence:A big, bloody battle at the end and a smaller one before that.People killed..a lot of people.Wanting to kill/hurt people.When she was angry about the Saxons killing her brother she came upon a traveler and she thought he was a Saxon.So she beat him up a bit.Oops.

Other:Magic, false gods.

Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:It started of a little slow, but then picked up. I could definitely see her writing style in it too.She really seems to like prophecies.So, it was good other than the fact that Branwyn got really angry.

Rating & Age:3 stars.13 up.



  1. When you said it started off slow and picked up later on, I thought of *Faerie Path* by the same woman. For me, the beginning to that book was the same as this sounds. Nice review!

  2. Jenna:I found this book a little more gory and the characters not as honorable or pleasing as the ones in Faerie Path. But it was still a good book!This author can really write fairy tales :) Thanks for your comment!


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