Monday, July 25, 2011

The Winter Of Red Snow

The Winter Of Red Snow by Kristiana Gregory.

I read the older copy(old cover)but this one's cover is prettier :)
Summery:Abigail lives in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.In the winter of 1777, General Washington makes camp there.Abigail's mother washes the general's clothes.Abigail and her sisters, Elizabeth and Sally, help out where they can sewing clothes for the soldiers and visiting the sick and injured with Ms.Washington. It will be a long trying winter.See the winter of Valley Forge through the eyes of Abigail Jane Stewart.

Romance:Her sister tries to find a husband by making a coat.She also gets a bit of crush on a young french officer.


Violence:Amputation,several boys die on thin ice,talking about battles, shooting people, several hangings, soldiers stealing and then some of them being shot if caught.

Other:Small mention of wine.

Time Period:1777-1778.

What I Thought:Very realistic, well done, a little gruesome to some, but I really liked it.It is a really good historical fiction book.This is my second time reading it I believe.

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars.11 pr 10 up.



  1. I've read this one (and just about all the rest of the Dear America series:) and from what I remember of it (Iread it about two years ago)it was really good and it didn't leave out the rough parts. (like the soldiers not having shoes and there feet bleeding) But, yeah it's an awesome book!

  2. Trinka:I've read most of them too(some of them several times...especially the Coal Miner's Bride.That is my favorite!) and I was rereading this one so I could read the sequel diary.That review will be coming soon!Yes, it was very realistic.That was a tough time.


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