Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Overlord Protocol

The Overlord Protocol by Mark Walden. A H.I.V.E. (Higher Institute Of Villainous Education) book.

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Summery:When the news comes that Wing's father has died in a lab accident Wing will leave H.I.V.E. briefly for the funeral.He chooses Otto to go with him.Dr. Nero, the head of H.I.V.E. is worried. But he was worried about Otto and Wing making trouble and slipping away.Not an attack and Wing's murder...Otto is now determined to get Wing's killer back and avenge his friend.

Romance:Hint/implication of Shelby liking Wing and vise versa.She and Laura also go and watch Water Polo matches(no descriptions it is mentioned and the talk about it once or twice).

Language: A--, D-m-, H--l.

Violence:Faked deaths, shooting, narrow death defying escapes, killing, robots assassins, a lot of explosions, some minor and a bit major injuries, bullies, and getting shot with sleepers.Fighting scenes.

Other:Hypnosis, insane people.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I loved it!It was a lot better than the first, as interesting as it was. It was really fast paced and an easy read with a great plot. And normally I wouldn't have mentioned a  murder...but they told you right away :)

Rating & Age:5 stars. 13 up.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Lost Queen

The Lost Queen by Frewin Jones.

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Summery:Tania is now back "home" in the mortal realm with Edric. To find Titania, the lost faerie queen.Tania tells her mortal parents a lie about where she has been the past 3 days.They wouldn't believe the truth, that she is really faerie princess! She has a curfew now and can't hang out with Edric.So they have to secretly meet and make plans to find Titania.But they can they find her quickly enough to save Faerie when an old enemy who has captured Oberon?

Romance:A couple kisses on the cheek, maybe one or so on the lips.Talk of loving/liking someon, hugging, touching, holding hands.
Bad Romance:Her parents and friends don't believe nothing happened with the cover story that Tania and Edric came up with about them being gone three days...there are implication to what they think happened.


Violence:Being chased by undead horsemen, several battle scenes, some birds die to help save the princesses, arguing.

Other:Dark magic, magic, they go to night club briefly (no description and it is a minor scene), lying.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was good!Nice and clean..maybe a little darker than the first book.I love the characters!

Rating & Age:4/ 1/2 stars. 13 up.


Friday, August 26, 2011


Scorpia by Anthony Hororwitz

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Summery:Yassen Gregorvich's last words told Alex that he had a destiny with Scorpia (Sabotage, Corpuption, Intelligence, Assassination).Alex seeks them out in Venice, nearly gets killed, but he tries again.More success this time her is determined to find out the truth about his father.was he really an assassin for Scorpia? And did MI6 hold back some precious information about his father?

Romance:The story of how Alex's parents fell in love.Ms. Rotham, a Scorpia agent, fell in love with Alex's dad too.Alex's dad left soon after that because he found out about it.

Language:H**l,  B***h,  D*m*,  A**.

Violence:Shooting at people, trying to assassinate someone, people dying, almost frowning,some fighting scenes, Alex is almost killed by a tiger.Alex pulls some dangerous stunts.A soccer team is killed.

Time Period:Modern.

Other:I didn't have anything I am assuming there wasn't any drinking or if there was it was by adults.

What I Thought:It was a different setting.I mean Alex kinda joining the assassins?Yeah..but it was so exciting as always!His barely escaping with his life situations are always so inventive and thrilling.It did have more cuss words and all that.There was one guy who had a skin disease...that was kinda weird.

Rating & Age:4 stars.14 up.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Horse Dreams

Horse Dreams (Backyard Horses #1) by Dandi Daley Mackall.

Summery:Ellie James has been begging, crying and praying for a black stallion to ride in a horse show forever! She daydreams about riding her dream horse in shows all the time. So when she sees a skinny, dirty pinto out of the classroom window.No one really believes her.But when she goes home that day and learns that her mother lost a pinto that day..they must find that horse!



Violence:The animal control might have put down the pinto.

Other:Some teasing from a girl at school and some implication of a divorce.

What I thought:It was a sweet story, good for horse lovers just starting with chapter books.For older readers I think it would be a very quick, but sweet read.

Rating & Age:3 1/2 stars. 9 up.


I got this book free from the publisher.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

The A Circuit

The A Circuit by

Summery:Kate is a working student with troubles at home and who is lower class(not as rich) in a big class(rich) barn. Zara always has the paparazzi after her because of her superstar dad. She isn't sure if she should be serious about riding at the new barn. She is pretty much in it for fun, the thrill and partying. Tommi, serious about riding hand in the shadow of her sister. Her family doesn't take her and her riding career seriously. Can she change that?

Romance:Some flirting, talking about liking someone or maybe liking someone. Also some touching (leg, hand,waist).
Bad Romance: Making out(small description and maybe three major times in the book) and saying someone was s-xy.

Language:S--t, H--l, S--k, A--, B-t-h, C--p, D-m- P--s.

Violence:Yelling/arguing, horses out of control, being thrown from a horse (someone would get slightly hurt ). 

Other:Divorce, going to club (underage, not a big part), smoking pot(two mentions), drinking, immodest clothing. 

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Lotsa bad stuff. Mostly around Zara. I didn't like her. Otherwise it was a nice big league horse book. So if you even just didn't read the parts with Zara it would be a lot cleaner. Not totally, but a lot cleaner. My favorite character was Tommi. She was nice to Kate, a really good rider...fair.

Rating & Age:3 stars. ( the horse parts would really good!If you could look past or skip over the other might be more.) 14 up.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Happened To Goodbye

What Happened To Goodbye by Sarah Dessen
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Summery:After her parent's messy divorce Mclean stays with her dad as he moves town to town with his job. Mclean changes her name, style and personality with each new town. It is just easier. But in the newest town she doesn't get a chance to change her name and something different is happening. She is more real...more her? Can she find herself once again?

Romance:A kiss, finding a couple making out(neither are descriptive), falling in love/liking someone.
Bad Romance:An affair kind of, then a divorce. Mention of immodest clothing.

Language:C**p, D*m*, H**l, S**t, A**.

Violence:Arguing/yelling, a rumor of a catfight.

Other:Smoking, tattoos, drinking (underage and legal), divorce.

Timer Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I loved it! It was very clean (compared to some of her other books) and I just really liked the story, the yeah. It's up there with The Truth About Forever. 

Rating &amp; Age: 5 stars. 13/14 up.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Chosen by Jessica Burkhart.

Summery:Lauren Towers has always wanted to go to Canterwood.She is at the barn, Briar Creek, where Sasha Silver, a Canterwood champ once went.She has sent in an application but thinks she doesn't have a chance after her bad fall and now, her trouble with jumping because of it.She is torn up about everything including her boyfriend Taylor and her best friends Ana and Brielle.

Romance:Kissing, liking, crushing, hugging, holding hands.

Language:Maybe a minor word like S**k or C**p.

Violence:Arguing/yelling, falling off a horse and getting an injury.


Time Period;Modern.

What I Thought:It was a fun horsey book! I didn't like how Lauren and Taylor were acting.The way they were talking about their relationship and stuff made them seem like they were 16 or something.I mean they are 12.So to me it was a bit ridiculous.

Rating & Age:3 and 1/2 stars.12 up.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lifting The Sky

Lifting The Sky  by Mackie D'Arge

Summery:Since her father left when she was five, Blue and her mom have been going form ranch to ranch .Hardly staying a month at some.Blue has always wanted her dad to come back so she can have a real family and settle down.At their newest "home" she tries harder than ever to contact her dad and to make her mom stay there longer.

Romance:Blue's mom liking Mr. Mac the owner of the ranch they're working on now.Telling the story of how she fell in love with Blue's dad.Blue likes Shawn an Indian boy she meets. and wants to kiss him once.They hold hands.
Bad Romance:Mr.Mac's wife left.Blue's dad left.Blue's mom had kinda an affair with a guy who"forgot"to tell her he was married and had three kids(She got really mad with him).

Language:D*m*, D*r*, H**l and maybe d*n*.

Violence:several wolf attacks, the branding and gelding of the cows, an injured and some other injured animals.Arguing, her dad wrecking a room of some furniture (of sorts) that Blue had made.

Other:Drinking, smoking, Indian legends and beliefs.Blue sees auras around people.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was kind of average plot and story.The cover is really isn't about horses.

Rating & Age:3 stars. 14 up.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Eon by Alison Goodman

Summery:Eon had a secret, he is not only a crippled boy trying to be chosen by the Rat dragon to apprentice the current Dragoneye.He is really a girl.Eona.If found out it would be terrible for her and her master.When she isn't chosen she feels terrible.She has failed..but then the long lost Dragon Dragon of Mirror dragon chooses her after being gone for many years.Now she must play a deadly game with the rat dragon Dragoneye.He wants to take over the kingdom and have the most power of the dragoneyes.

Romance:None really.This lady, Lady Dela, started out as a boy and then somehow became both man and woman.It was really weird and kinda gross.Anyway she loved her guard who had been deformed...
Bad Romance: Concubines that the emperor has.And illegitimate children from them. It talks about her master loving her.But I'm thinking it was more of as a daughter. The bad guy(once he finds out she is a girl) implies that he thinks her master used her for pleasure and the bad guy also touched her abusively and kissed her against her will.Some of her clothes got torn in a battle and he saw that too.

Language:A**e, H**l, P**s, B***ches.

Violence:Killing, several fighting/ battle scenes, injuries, some bullying and Eona was crippled intentionally.So she wouldn't be notice as a girl easily.

Other:Deforming guys so they can't uh have kids and stuff.Magic and yen/yang stuff. Moon times as they called them, she took a special medicine for her monthly bleeding.She wore some restraining bands on her chests as well. There was a strange character who was a man and a woman.

Time Period:Set in Japan/China area and no specific time.

What I Thought:The plot and story overall was great.And since I'm a huge fan of dragons too :) The problem was some of the content.Like the deformed guys...and this one character...she was just really weird.And it was against some of my beliefs.So otherwise I would say it was a great book...but Lady Dela, though a good character when you get past her problem, is a pretty main character.

Rating & Age:Story/plot: 4 stars. Overall 3 stars. I've split it a bit because of the content. 14/15 up.


Friday, August 12, 2011

How To Ditch Your Fairy

How To Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalesteir

Summery:Charlie just plain hates her fairy.a parking fairy.Her friends have cool fairies, like ones that will keep you out of trouble and find you great deals while your shopping.But not Charlie.She smells like gasoline and can always get a good spot. Charlie is trying everything she can to ditch it. Currently she is walking everywhere.She is sure she can feel it getting lighter.Can she really get rid of it?

Romance:Some kisses, crushes hugging, liking, hand holding.
Bad Romance:Two mentions of minor characters being gay.


Violence:Nearly being killed in a bobsled, a character kidnapping charlie to get a good parking spot.He may have been doing drugs. Yelling and/or arguing.

Other:Gay mention, while doing some community service a condom is found(very brief scene), magic.

Time Period: The location is a cross between Australia and the United States.It's kinda set in the future.

What I Thought:It was a fun and easy read book. A great concept with the fairies.I really liked all the different fairies that made you find loose change etc. It was a little weird some of the words and ways, since it was kinda set in the future.So it was also a quirky book.

Rating & Age:4 stars.13 up.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cannons At Dawn

Cannons At Dawn Kristiana Gregory.

Read my review of the first book, The Winter Of Red Snow

Summery:Abigail is now in her teens, growing up fast!With her father in the war and their house burned down by a fire, she,  her mother, little sister Sally and little brother Johnny have no where to go but after he father.They head off after the army.She makes friends with Willie Campbell and has many close calls and adventures, most not pleasant.war is a cruel time and place.

Romance:Abigail falls in love with Willie Campbell and marries him.She gets pregnant at the end and they are mentioned sleeping in the woods but no description of "stuff".


Violence:Death, war, fighting, runaway slaves almost caught, a child drowning, harsh living conditions.

Other:Slight drinking reference.

Time Period:1779-1781.

What I Thought:A great sequel!I read it in a couple hours.This author is very good with historical fiction.This book was an easy read and it had a lot of facts on the time period and was very realistic.

Rating & Age:3 stars.(yes the other was better) 13 up.


Monday, August 8, 2011


Starcrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce.

Summery:Her past terrible to memory...Digger hasn't told but those she trusts and that is only after a long while.She works as a thief now, but when a job goes bad she joins some nobs(nobles) and flees the city to a new life. She then becomes on of the nobs, Meri's, handmaiden.She soon finds herself liking this girl and drawing close to her and her family as she spends the winter with them at their castle.But she soon discovers that everything isn't as it seems.Meri has magic, something that Digger has always been able to see, and sometimes gotten in trouble because of this talent. She is soon caught between the sides of what may be another war.She is being blackmailed with her past to spy for a good friend of Meri's parents, Durel, but he is not really who Meri's parents think he is...

Romance:A couple flash-back memories of kisses, so yeah, some kisses.Meri maybe liking someone.

Bad Romance:Digger finds a sort of friend in Durel's room, in his bed.She admits being his mistress(He wasn't married though).Digger gets mad at her.Some references to a women of bad rep and stuff like that. Mention of someone in a passionate embrace.A couple of times a girl (who is not ashamed of doing so) is told to influence a man or soldier with her body as a distraction and cover.

Language:P**s, D*m*, H**l, B****rd, A**, Wh**e.

Violence:Running from the law(who would beat you up etc.), small fights with knives, daring escapades,mention of torture a man with magic goes through,mention of some of the punishments that people with magic go through if caught.

Other:False gods, drinking, magic, thieving, Digger's brother says she is evil because she can see the magic.

Time Period:Renaissance themed.Sometime in there.Another world though.

What I Thought:well there was a lot of language and "stuff" in it.And it was confusing, the first half boring and though the ending was still wasn't the best of books.

Rating & Age:2 stars. 14 up.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hunger Games

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Summery:After many wars and natural disasters what is left of North America is The Capitol and 13 districts.When the 13th District rebelled it was destroyed.To remind the other districts who is in charge, the government holds a game with two tributes from each districts.Katniss lives in District 12.When her little sister is drawn to go into the bloody,deadly game she takes her place.With a boy, Peeta, who may be a friend or an enemy(either way he will most likely end up dead) she is going to do her best to stay alive.

Romance:Some kissing,One longer scene were it implies(no description) that Katniss and Peeta kinda kissed more and deeper.A couple of hugs.Talk about loving/liking/caring fro someone...or maybe caring/liking/loving someone.
Bad Romance:They(Katniss and Peeta) slept together in a sleeping bag for warmth.


Violence:The whole games are a survival so 22 people die.Some are gory deaths.They mutated some wolves and it seemed like it was the dead tributes.Hunting.Some bad injuries(spoiler!)Peeta loses a leg.
Yelling,arguing.Almost starving.

Other:Drinking, Katniss's stylists saw her naked.(She was mentioned to be uncomfortable though.)Also mention of the tributes before them having to go into the showing where the tributes dress for their District naked.

Time Period:Our future.

What I Thought:Well the first time I read it, I read it really quick, a couple hours.Then I read the next two which weren't as good.Darker and a bit confusing and boring for Mocking Jay.catching Fire was O.K.I just didn't like it I guess.It was a bit dark.So I disliked this one because of that.It is a good book and I would reread it.It is well written and very exciting.There are a few little things that I don't like but other than that and the violence  it is an all around pretty good.

Rating & Age:5 stars.13 up.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


H.I.V.E.(Higher Institute of Villainous Education) by Mark Walden.

Summery:Otto wakes up on a helicopter after, apparently, being knocked out.He makes friends with his helicopter mate, Wing.Later they become roommates at the school H.I.V.E that captured them to teach them to be their worst and evilest.Otto certainly has the talent, but though he does like it he is making escape plan.


Language:D*m*, H**l, B***h.

Violence:a giant mutant venus flytrap trying to eat kill people, the evil/bad school and what they do, two bullies after Otto and Wing, sleeper guns for misbehaving students.(a guard is shot for demonstration)

Other:Hypnosis,Prime Minister pulls down his pants and makes a rude gesture while they are down at a meeting.Otto makes him do this.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Witty, funny, exciting, and an easy read.The idea was so fun and the characters to.I really enjoyed it.

Rating & Age:4 stars.12 up.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Surprised By Oxford

Surprised By Oxford by Carolyn Weber

Book Was About:A girl, Carolyn Drake, who comes from a  somewhat broken family is off to Oxford.She is studying literature and stuff like Keats, through her first year there she finds God through new Christian friends and God's presence.Filled with wonderful quotes and a lot of in depth discussions about, God science and religion. A really well written, true story.

 Objectionable Content:

Romance:Some hugging, holding hands and a few small kisses.
Bad Romance:Mentions a couple making out and some implications to sleeping together and some stuff like that.She is frightened about someone running behind her at one part, but then discovers it's just a Christian guy running as well.

Language:B**Ls**t,  D*m*,  H**l,  D*r*,  C**p,  S**k.

Violence:Some yelling and arguing.otherwise I don't think there was anything else.

Other:Drinking, smoking, abortion(slight mention).And mention of being gay and drugs.

Setting:Around 1994.

What I Thought:Well, some of the "in depth discussions" were a little hard to understand, though I got most of it.And sometimes they could be a little boring.But if you stick it out to the end you will so not be disappointed, the ending was awesome!The book was pretty long...440 pages.So that was a little daunting, but I really enjoyed the story, I really like the author(even though she is like so smart, I'm sorta in awe of all the poems she has memorized!) and how she had all of these quotes in the book.So I really did like it! And how she found God was so wonderful!!

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars. Teens and adults.Though the teens under 14-15 should ask their parents, there is some gay, drinking & smoking stuff.


I got this book free from the publisher.

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