Monday, August 22, 2011

The A Circuit

The A Circuit by

Summery:Kate is a working student with troubles at home and who is lower class(not as rich) in a big class(rich) barn. Zara always has the paparazzi after her because of her superstar dad. She isn't sure if she should be serious about riding at the new barn. She is pretty much in it for fun, the thrill and partying. Tommi, serious about riding hand in the shadow of her sister. Her family doesn't take her and her riding career seriously. Can she change that?

Romance:Some flirting, talking about liking someone or maybe liking someone. Also some touching (leg, hand,waist).
Bad Romance: Making out(small description and maybe three major times in the book) and saying someone was s-xy.

Language:S--t, H--l, S--k, A--, B-t-h, C--p, D-m- P--s.

Violence:Yelling/arguing, horses out of control, being thrown from a horse (someone would get slightly hurt ). 

Other:Divorce, going to club (underage, not a big part), smoking pot(two mentions), drinking, immodest clothing. 

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Lotsa bad stuff. Mostly around Zara. I didn't like her. Otherwise it was a nice big league horse book. So if you even just didn't read the parts with Zara it would be a lot cleaner. Not totally, but a lot cleaner. My favorite character was Tommi. She was nice to Kate, a really good rider...fair.

Rating & Age:3 stars. ( the horse parts would really good!If you could look past or skip over the other might be more.) 14 up.


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