Sunday, August 14, 2011


Eon by Alison Goodman

Summery:Eon had a secret, he is not only a crippled boy trying to be chosen by the Rat dragon to apprentice the current Dragoneye.He is really a girl.Eona.If found out it would be terrible for her and her master.When she isn't chosen she feels terrible.She has failed..but then the long lost Dragon Dragon of Mirror dragon chooses her after being gone for many years.Now she must play a deadly game with the rat dragon Dragoneye.He wants to take over the kingdom and have the most power of the dragoneyes.

Romance:None really.This lady, Lady Dela, started out as a boy and then somehow became both man and woman.It was really weird and kinda gross.Anyway she loved her guard who had been deformed...
Bad Romance: Concubines that the emperor has.And illegitimate children from them. It talks about her master loving her.But I'm thinking it was more of as a daughter. The bad guy(once he finds out she is a girl) implies that he thinks her master used her for pleasure and the bad guy also touched her abusively and kissed her against her will.Some of her clothes got torn in a battle and he saw that too.

Language:A**e, H**l, P**s, B***ches.

Violence:Killing, several fighting/ battle scenes, injuries, some bullying and Eona was crippled intentionally.So she wouldn't be notice as a girl easily.

Other:Deforming guys so they can't uh have kids and stuff.Magic and yen/yang stuff. Moon times as they called them, she took a special medicine for her monthly bleeding.She wore some restraining bands on her chests as well. There was a strange character who was a man and a woman.

Time Period:Set in Japan/China area and no specific time.

What I Thought:The plot and story overall was great.And since I'm a huge fan of dragons too :) The problem was some of the content.Like the deformed guys...and this one character...she was just really weird.And it was against some of my beliefs.So otherwise I would say it was a great book...but Lady Dela, though a good character when you get past her problem, is a pretty main character.

Rating & Age:Story/plot: 4 stars. Overall 3 stars. I've split it a bit because of the content. 14/15 up.



  1. That's super weird about Lady Dela. I'm not sure if I'd want to read this or not, but I think the cover's cool. Great review!

  2. Jenna:Yes it was.Though other than that ans some other stuff...well O.K. all that stuff was pretty bad.I really wish they could have left it out.Hopefully the sequel will be better.Congratulations on getting top 20!


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