Monday, August 8, 2011


Starcrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce.

Summery:Her past terrible to memory...Digger hasn't told but those she trusts and that is only after a long while.She works as a thief now, but when a job goes bad she joins some nobs(nobles) and flees the city to a new life. She then becomes on of the nobs, Meri's, handmaiden.She soon finds herself liking this girl and drawing close to her and her family as she spends the winter with them at their castle.But she soon discovers that everything isn't as it seems.Meri has magic, something that Digger has always been able to see, and sometimes gotten in trouble because of this talent. She is soon caught between the sides of what may be another war.She is being blackmailed with her past to spy for a good friend of Meri's parents, Durel, but he is not really who Meri's parents think he is...

Romance:A couple flash-back memories of kisses, so yeah, some kisses.Meri maybe liking someone.

Bad Romance:Digger finds a sort of friend in Durel's room, in his bed.She admits being his mistress(He wasn't married though).Digger gets mad at her.Some references to a women of bad rep and stuff like that. Mention of someone in a passionate embrace.A couple of times a girl (who is not ashamed of doing so) is told to influence a man or soldier with her body as a distraction and cover.

Language:P**s, D*m*, H**l, B****rd, A**, Wh**e.

Violence:Running from the law(who would beat you up etc.), small fights with knives, daring escapades,mention of torture a man with magic goes through,mention of some of the punishments that people with magic go through if caught.

Other:False gods, drinking, magic, thieving, Digger's brother says she is evil because she can see the magic.

Time Period:Renaissance themed.Sometime in there.Another world though.

What I Thought:well there was a lot of language and "stuff" in it.And it was confusing, the first half boring and though the ending was still wasn't the best of books.

Rating & Age:2 stars. 14 up.


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