Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ark Angel

Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz

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Summery:Alex is recovering from an attempt on of murder.His murder to be exact.When he meets Paul.He becomes friends with him and when he learns of some men coming to kidnap Paul he gives them a real fight and switches rooms with Paul so that he, instead of Paul, is kidnapped. When he is found out and left to die in a burning building he only just manages to escape. Afterward Paul's father, a multi-billionaire takes him for a vacation for a week. Something doesn't feel right about him to Alex though...


Language:H--l, D-m-.

Violence:Shooting, explosions, killing people, injuries, hitting someone in the groin so bad they couldn't breath, the extinction of a couple bird species(mentioned a few times), D.C. almost got bombed. Almost getting drowned, blown up, shot, killed in a fire, falling off a tall building, and ran of the go kart track almost killed there too. He was threatened to have his finger cut off.

Other:Mention of drinking and divorce.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It didn't pull me in as much.It was still exciting though.A bit different form previous books because (Spoiler!!!!!) he goes into space.

Rating & Age:4 stars.13 up.


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