Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beyond All Measure

Beyond All Measure by Dorothy Love.

Summery:Ada has lost her father, mother and the man she loved betrayed her. Or she had once loved Edward... Now she is in a little town called Hickory Ridge to start a job as an elderly woman, Ms. Lillian's, companion. She has plans to start a business making hats, but when she arrives it looks like her plans might change due to Ms. Lillian's nephew, Wyatt, a wonderful, kind man taking interest in her.

Romance:Hugging, kissing (not really any description), hand holding, liking/loving someone. Talking or thinking about the person you love.


Violence:Ku Klux Klan scaring people and sometime hurting them, Ada gets somewhat beat up by them ans scared badly. (Spoiler)Aunt Lillian dies, yelling/arguing, Ada's mother dies of a disease, her father and aunt die in a fire, mention of a girl drowning and a boy almost drowning.

Other:Cheating (Edward had cheated on Ada and I believe had a baby with another girl), mention of drinking.

Time Period:Tennessee Hickory Ridge, 1871

What I Thought:A lovely read, and a great time period and setting. Overall I just loved it!

Rating & Age:5 stars. 14 up.


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  1. I think I just downloaded this book onto my Kindle a few weeks back...


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