Saturday, September 17, 2011

Destiny's Path

Destiny's Path by Frewin Jones
A Warrior Princess book(two).
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Summery:Trying to find your destiny is hard, as Branwyn is finding out.She and the half Saxon run away slave, Rhodri, have new guide.Once an owl Blodwedd is human now.Branwyn isn't so sure what to think of her though Rhodri likes her.She is shown a vision about Iwan, a somewhat friend of hers (first book), whose home is in danger.can they get Iwan to believe their crazy story and stop the Saxons from a killing rampage and the surprise they get when they arrive at Iwan's home?

Romance:Maybe liking someone, admiration for them.


Violence:Fighting/battle scenes, a wolf attack that is pretty gory(lottsa blood), threatening to kill a baby, killing, yelling/arguing.Some gruesome torture techniques described (pulling out someone's guts while their still alive like that..yeah yucky :( ), hunting.

Other:False gods(the shining ones), the Saxons get drunk.

Time Period: Viking/Medieval.More Medieval but it is around that time.

What I Thought:I thought it was better than the first book.She had some anger issues which were to be expect really...but still they weren't as bad in this book.I think I liked the story/plot/adventure in this book better than the first.

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars.14 up.


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