Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Diviner(Dragons of Starlight book 3) by Bryan Davis.
Read my reivew of Warrior.

Summery:Koren has gotten to Exodus(the fallen star). Now all she has to do is raise it and free the slaves.Meanwhile Jason and his father have found some allies and rescued some slaves facing death.Elyssa has joined them and soon Koren finds them and joins them for a while before leaving to try and talk the slaves into standing up for themselves.They must be freed. Randall, on his world had raised soldiers with the help of Orion to try and come over into Starlighter and free the slaves. Orion may not be trust worthy but Randall feels that he can trust Arxad, the dragon.

Romance:Elyssa loves Jason and feels like he loves Koren.Mention of liking/loving.


Violence:Dragons being cruel to humans and vise versa (humans being cruel to dragons). Dragons eating humans and a dead animal, the would grind sickly humans bones to make bait for wild animals. Some fighting and battle scenes and killing.

Other:Spirits coming out of their bodies and rejoining later (Sometimes), some mentions of people believing people to be witches or sorcercesses.

Time Period:Another world(s), medieval.

What I Thought:I was trying to remember who everyone was and the story(ironically I did the same thing with Warrior) so I was having a little trouble getting into it. But by the time I was half way through...I couldn't put it down! Another grasping book from Bryan Davis!

Rating & Age:5 stars. 13 up.


I got this book free from the publisher.

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