Monday, September 19, 2011

The Immortal Realm

The Immortal Realm by Frewin Jones
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Summery:Tania's day is going fine.her sister Cordelia is getting married, her parents(both sets) are with her Faerie and she and Edric are catching a small sweet minutes together.But then a baby dies...impossible for the Immortal Realm of Faerie.Tania's dad has had a cold and everyone is afraid that it is a mortal plague brought by him.Tania's mortal parents are sent back into the mortal world and the royal family and their court are on an island trying to figure out how to find a cure.Can a cure be found in time? And did she and her mortal parents bring this on Faerie?

 Romance: Hugging, a couple short kisses, holding hands her sister gets married, (Spoiler)Edric asks her to marry him and she says no, Loving someone, a guy form the mortal world that is brought to Faerie likes Tania.

Language:H--l, B--ch.

Violence:Several fighting scenes, pretty brief though.people dying form the plague, arguing/yelling, getting shot at (arrows, not guns).

Other:Faerie, magic and dark magic.

What I Thought:It's funny that I find a pattern. I find books 2 and 4(this one) a little darker though still god.and then I like 1 and 3 better fro some reason.Anyway this one was a good book and the plot is so wonderful!And it was nice and clean.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 13 up.


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