Thursday, September 1, 2011

Limos, Lattes, And My Life On The Fringe

Limos, Lattes, And My Life On The Fringe by Nancy Rue.

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Summery:Tyler is smart, really smart.and she has just been really humiliated.She is one of the four nominees for Prom queen.Though she was going to drop out she is now having second thoughts.Sh wants to help the middle class or poorer kids to help them have a good prom with no teasing about their dresses and stuff.Now the popular kids, The "Ruling Class" are trying to stop her and her "friends" are deserting her.All she has is a new Homeschooled friend from France, a strange little book and half sister starting to become closer to her. And a ruling Class guy is acting like her friend..can she trust him though?

Romance:Liking someone or starting to.Mention of a couple hugging and making out(no description).


Violence:Kidnapping, bullying, mean texts, some threats and yelling/arguing.

Other:Mention of drinking(previous prom, booze was snuck in), shop lifting and depressed mentally ill guy.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I really liked the characters and the plot.It is somehow different than the other books.It may have been because the main character was African American and that shook up the language(don't you just love the way they talk?I cannot get enough!) and she had such a great inside of the head voice.It goes up there with the first and second book.I didn't like the third as much.

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars. 13 up.


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