Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rise Of The Ninja

MoonShadow:Rise Of The Ninja by Simon Higgins

Summery:After a lot of training Nanashi gets a real mission and a new name, Moonshadow. His mission is to get into a rebel (to his shogun), Silver Wolf's, house and steal the plans for a new weapon from the Europeans. But it is heavily guarded and very dangerous.He has hired The Deathless, a ninja that is rumored to be invulnerable, and therefore deathless. And Moonshadow may have a rival. Can he rise to what he has been trained for?

Romance:None.There may be something between Moonshadow and Snowhawk(Spoiler), his one time rival that he brought back with him, in the future?


Violence:Several battle scenes(fighting, combat), no one dies though (Spoiler)The Deathless is likely to dead but who knows? Some injuries...some rather serious. Some of the bad guys really want to kill. Some killing in a story told.

O:Snowhawk knocks Moonshadow out by an art, which she says is hypnosis. Mention of buddha. Some visions. A relaxing technique and Moonshadow has an art that allows him to see through the eyes of an animal and somewhat control it. The Deathless has an art that makes him immune to blades.

Time Period:Old Japan (Somewhere in there :) 

What I Thought:I loved it! Exciting and such a good plot! There was on battle/combat/fighting scene between two ninjas that was so honorable...why can't we be like that again and not petty? I just loved that part.

Rating & Age: 4 1/2 stars. 12 up.


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