Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Doomsday Box

The Doomsday Box by Herbie Brennan.
(The Shadow project book two)

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Summery:While in the U.S.A. Danny, Opal, Michael and a new Shadow Project agent, Fuchsia, are scouting out  time rift that something came through. A plague is released and their only chance of saving the world is to go back in time and stop the plague from being sent.  It will be sent by a CIA agent..but they'll have to go farther back in time than just to when he had sent it. In the past, 1962, they must somehow make sure that he won't send the black death mutated samples.

Romance:Opal and Michael like each other and are sorta dating. Fuchsia likes Danny and he tarts to like her.

Language:God's name used in vain, D-m-, H--l, B--t--d.

Violence:A plague killing a lot of people,(there was some bloating and blue necks described briefly),  an urban legend about a ship teleporting kind of, some of the men on it got stuck to the ship and some went crazy. A kidnapping, a little torture used it was stopped before anything serious.    

O: Magic, science stuff that isn't possible(like teleporting), out of body stuff.

Time Period:Modern and 1962.

What I Thought:The first book was alright...the second half just wasn't good though. So I was unsure about reading this one. But this one was wayyyy better. The whole going back in time thing alone would have been great. But through in the plague and a new have a good plot!

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars. 13 up.


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