Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Enchanted Quest

The Enchanted Quest by Frewin Jones.
Faerie Path book 5.

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Summery:A terrible plague is on Faerie. At first the blame feel on Tania's mortal parents who were visiting Faerie. The were banished and it continued to spread.Tania couldn't cross to the mortal world once she brought Conner, a mortal friend who had studied medicine, into Faerie to try and help. Now he is trapped in Faerie. Then they find it was an old evil returning to "plague" them. Conner, Rathina and Tania have found out what they must do to cure Faerie. The journey to Titania's one time homeland,  Alba. But there are many dangers along the way...can they reach they're goal and only hope in time?

Romance:Loving/liking someone, hugging, mention of kissing, one kiss as well as one on the cheek.


Violence:A couple battle scenes, injuries minor and kinda major, Lord Balor(a Lord in Alba) was going to torture Tania and the others, some killing, Lord Balor got a metal hand melded on him and to defeat him Tania cut it off.

Other: Magic, dark magic.

What I Thought:Very exciting! I couldn't put it down! I really like this series. It is quite clean and the storyline is great! Just a might not like the's  cliffhanger and a terrible one if you were still waiting for the next book :) Also there was a fairy tale thrown into this one, it is not very well known but I was very happy when I saw it. It's a version of Tam Lin.

Rating & Age:5 stars. 13 up.


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