Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Graceling by Kristen Cashore.
Summery:Katsa has been her uncle, King Randa's,  thug since she got her Grace as a child. Killing everyone said. She's hurt many people because of her uncle.Through her dislike of this she has created a council to help the pheasants and divert bad situations that the Kings could have caused...a sort of rebellion.When rescuing a Lienid man who has been kidnapped. She meets a Lienid prince the same night...who is nearly as good of a fighter as she is. When she meets him, Po, (as she learns) again...well the adventure truly begins.

Romance:Some kisses, hugging, thinking someone as handsome, loving someone.
Bad Romance:Po and Katsa sleep and go all the way. It isn't necessarily very descriptive but you get a pretty clear picture of what happens.She takes a medicine to prevent her getting pregnant. (Pages, if you want to skip it... because you really could, are:233, 234{?}235, 237, 241-243, 247, 467.) The main ones are in bold. The others are just talking about it or making out a bit. Some merchants make some bad comments and try to take advantage of a young girl.


Violence:A lot of fighting/battle/combat scenes, some were wrestling with Po.Others were really fighting or purposely hurting people. Katsa gave bloody deaths or pain when ordered by her uncle. Leck ( bad guy) would injure animals and girls seriously(he was a little wacko and sicko).

Other:Their talents called graces that were given to some people.

Time Period:? It was medieval-ish with a kinda Japanese/Chinese feel.

What I Thought: Other than those few pages it was a wonderfully written book. The characters really grasped me and I could almost see Po the author described him so well. If you want to skip that one part or if it's alright with you than I would highly, highly recommend this also has a great plot :)

Rating & Age:If I count the stuff 4-4 1/2 stars. Overall and ignoring that it would be 5 stars. 14 up.



  1. This sounds interesting...I'll try to see if my library has it :) But I'm glad you put the pages to avoid...that's VERY helpful :)

  2. Trinka:I hope it does and your welcome! If the author had just left that out....anyway you really can skip it entirely. Sierra
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