Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lost In Dreams

Lost In Dreams by Roger Bruner and Kristi Rae Bruner.
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Summery:Now back from her amazing trip to Mexico, Kim can't wait to talk to her parents about what happened there(lots of great God Miracles!). But when she arrives home and is waiting at the airport she gets some terrible news, her mom died in a car accident. Knowing how many times she called her mom and that her mom was listening to a message when she crashed..she is now so guilty. She feels like she cause the whole accident. Now she is closer to her father than ever...though she hasn't told him about how guilty she feels and the bad dreams that plague her. Can she be healed in the remote woods of California, ministering to a men's prison?

Romance:Betsy Jo, an old friend of Kim's kid of likes a guy at the prison. The were kinda using each other though all that comes out of is some hugging and a kiss on the cheek.
Bad Romance:Jo's mom goes off with a younger man and almost got a divorce...but (Spoiler!)she came back and said it had been pretty dumb.

Language: None.

Violence:Some of the people in the prison had been murders or rapists, arguing/yelling, Kim has some violent dreams because of the guilt, Kim;s mom dies in a car accident, there is another car accident(minor character..I don't think they even get a name...) that Kim witnesses in the mountains.

Other:Nothing really...the maybe divorce thing.

Time Period:Modern.

What I thought:I really liked it. At the beginning it did seems a bit dark...but I think that Kim's friend Aleesha cheered it up a lot. There are some great characters in this book and the story is very meaningful :) I think the first one may have been better, though this one was great as well.

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars. 14 up.



  1. I read the first book and LOVED it!!!!
    I didn't know the sequel was out yet! Now I'm super excited :) :) :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rebekah: That was my reaction :) I was like jumping up and down happy when I saw it :) Your welcome! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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