Saturday, October 1, 2011

Odd Girl In

Odd Girl In by Jo Whittemore.

Summery:Alex and her brothers, Parker And Nick, have just pulled the the last straw.  There may have been an accident that ended with a burned now their dad is going to make them go to a camp, Champs! Alex and her brothers have to make it through. If they fail they'll have to go to a boarding school called St Ignacius. They will do whatever they can not to go there.  And whatever is taking drastic measures such as Alex trying to make friends with a girl named Emily... whose mom runs Champs! And Parker not taking so much time with his hair. And Nick has to work out some. They just have to stay out of that terrible boarding school even if it means getting along with each other.

Romance:A crush Emily and another girl, Chloe, both are crushing on a boy in Champs!, Trevor. Parker has a girlfriend, they shortly break up and then make up later with a kiss(quick). Nick hits on a few girls (mentioned).And Her brothers are like 14 or something. Even though that is still to younger to be dating it might ease some people's thoughts.


Violence:A small fire that killed a couch, yelling and arguing, two boys get a cut on the obstacle course at Champs!

Other:There mom is really separated from them...kinda like a divorce. Only she is just like super busy with her work somewhere else. And can't meet with them because of her dedication to it.\

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was nice, clean and funny. I think younger girls would really enjoy it. 12 or under maybe? Alex and her brothers were really funny. The way they would argue.

Rating & Age:3 stars for 13 up, 4 stars for 12 and under. 10 up.


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