Friday, November 4, 2011

Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle by Joseph Bruchac.

Summery:Rashok has always thought himself a little smarter than the rest of his family. But when his parents disappear due to a fake invitation and a Lord Temny with a lot of soldiers show up at their castle gates...well he wants someone else to fix the problems. His older brother, Paulek,  seems bewitched by Lord Temny's daughter and Rashok is trying to figure out what to do. Soon his adventure truly begins!

Romance:Rashok and Paulek are attracted to two princess who seem to really get them.

Language:Made up oaths(one or two) for that world.

Violence:Several battle/fighting scenes , some minor injuries, a dragon eats Lord Temny's men, killing, arguing/yelling.

Other:Mention of drinking, some of Lord Temny's men tried to grab a servant girl, dragons, magic, faeries.

Time Period:Medieval, another world.

What I Thought:The beginning was a little confusing but it's great once you get into it, it takes a right off and is a great adventure! Nice medieval setting and great characters :)

Rating & Age:4 stars. 13/12 up.

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