Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Front Of God And Everybody

In Front Of God And Everybody:Confessions Of April Grace by K.D. McCrite.

Summery:April grace lives a simple life in the Ozarks. Chasing her grandma's pesky cat through poison ivy and dealing with her annoying older sister, Myra Sue. Then a couple from the city, St. James, show up to start life nearby in a unlivable house. They are, in April Grace's opinion, plain rude. Her parents though are determined to be nice to them though. Offering them a deal that includes them living at April Grace's house for a little while. On top of all that April Grace's grandma has a new boyfriend! And April Grace has seen him acting pretty weird...she is quite suspicious. But no one will listen to her about him or the St. James.

Romance:Grandma's boyfriends and April Grace parents in love.
Bad Romance:Mention of (brief) girls getting pregnant before marriage. And a con guy who has a lot of wives.


Violence:Injuries(poison ivy, splinters, twisted ankle), yelling/arguing and a small fight(April Grace and her sister).

Other:Anorexia, a con guy milking off elder ladies.

Time Period:1986.

What I Thought:A cute book! The characters were just wonderful and though I wasn't sure about the time period like if the book was right about calling something, one name instead of another.Or if Days Of Our Lives really did come on back then... Though it was written for younger I still enjoyed it because it was quite funny.

Rating & Age: 4 stars. 11up.


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