Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Merchant's Daughter

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson.
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Summery:After her father's (a merchant) death Annabel's mother refused to let her children do their share in the fields harvesting. But because she couldn't pay for them not to work and herself as well they are now facing punishment. The punishment is to have one of the children work for the new Lord, Lord Le Wyse, as an indentured servant for 3 years for the three years they didn't work. And the new Lord is rumored to be 'beastly' with only one eye and his temper. Anabel goes, because neither of her older brothers would, and finds refuge of sorts. The new Lord doesn't seems so bad once she gets to know him. And he has caused one of her dreams to come true!

Romance:Kissing, attraction, flirting, admiring, loving/liking someone, hugging, talk of marriage(brief and not of improper things) ,touching.
Bad Romance:Lord Le Wyse's wife loved another man when she married him(for his money) and continued to love him and do wrong things with him. A couple servant girls flirting and trying to seduce Lord Le Wyse, trying to hurt someone because they didn't want to marry you and to kiss them.


Violence:A fire, bad burns, yelling/arguing, injuries(lost an eye, mangled hand), the villagers riot, someone being in a coma after trying to hurt a girl and in defense was hit in the head with a rock that also caused memory lose.

Other:Superstitions, uncaring family, a priest that didn't know God and spoke falsely.

Time Period:1352.

What I Thought:I love this author! If you asked me which of these two books were better..I couldn't say. I loved both of them. The characters are strong and they are good retellings too. This one was the retelling of Beauty And The Beast.

Rating & Age:5 stars. 14 up.


I got this book free from the publisher.

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