Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Beastly by Alex Flinn.

(BEASTLY)) BY Flinn, Alex(Author)Paperback{Beastly}Newer Version January 01, 2010

Summery:Kyle has everything. Looks, money, popularity...just not a heart. So when he gets on the wrong side of this girl Kendra...well it turns out she is a witch and has decided he needs a lesson about looking on the inside not just on the outside. He has 2 years to find someone he loves, who loves him back and kisses him. Oh yeah and she kinda transformed him into a beast. Living practically alone...he almost gives up. But then he finds Lindy.

Romance:Kisses, loving/liking someone, admiring, flirting.
Bad Romance: Groping someone in a personal spot in public and in private, implications of people who had done of were going to do "it". Kyle goes to his girlfriends house for a little bit while her mother is away. Not really clear but it is only a couple sentences in mention.

Language:P--s, B---h (?), H--l, B-s---d,a--. And Lindy's dad calls her a sl-t.

Violence:Adrian/Kyle smashed things as a beast, tried to hurt Kendra, a tussle with a crowd and a guy who tried to hurt Lindy, yelling arguing, yelling meant hings at someone, threatening and scaring someone.

Other:Magic, drinking(one chapter, he drank some and then when Kendra changes him he thinks he is just seeing things), witches, spells,drugs (mentioned)

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Even though I did see the movie first and that gave me trouble with seeing Lindy(I liked her better in the book) and maybe Kyle(though I think they cast Kendra and Will perfectly).Otherwise though, I liked the book a lot better. It stuck to the story-line more. In the book it was a better, modern retelling. Also the place where they vacationed in the book was better than in the movie. Just saying. Now in the first couple of chapters there was some cussing and some trashy stuff. But the rest of the  book was clean. I think that it would be alright for younger (13ish) kids to read, if their parents said it was fine. I really enjoyed it and already have the next book :)

Rating & Age:5 stars. 14 up.



  1. i loved beastly. i read it twice :") personally, though, cloaked was hard to get through. not as good in my opinion :(

  2. It SOUNDS interesting...but...{even though my library has it!} I don't think I'll read. :P It's got a little TOO much "bad stuff" in it...maybe in a little while.

  3. Jessica: I would read it again too. Which is saying something :P Really? I found that A Kiss In Time just could not compare to Beastly. We'll see what I think about Cloaked.

    Trinka: I hope you get to sometime soon. Or in the future.It is a really great retelling.

    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  4. This sounds really interesting, but I would have to say that the inappropriate content would win out over my interest in reading it.


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