Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Charmed Return

The Charmed Return by Frewin Jones.
The Faerie Path book six.
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Summery:Tania inquired how Oberon could stop the plague in faerie to the Divine Harper who had helped Oberon to defeat the plague the first time. In return she had to give up her biggest desire.She wakes up in the Mortal world thinking it was two days before her 16th birthday. 9 weeks ago. Her mother is telling her crazy stories about being a Faerie Princess! Tania, now calling herself Anita again searches for answers.When Eadric using the dark arts comes with Rathina to the mortal world they try but can't get Tania to remember. Zara, Tania's sister and dead as far as everyone knew, helps Tania remember. Can they get back into Faerie, save Oberon from his evil brother and Faerie too?

Romance:Some kissing ( not descriptive), holding ahnds, hugging, loving/liking someone. A little flirting.


Violence:Battle scenes, Lear's men kill a lot of innocent people, the plague kill too, mention of some dead birds, arguing/yelling, Tania's former selves(long story, so read the books) help her with Lear and then they go back to their own lives to die.

Other:Magic, dark magic/sorcery, thinking someone was crazy and pretending to be crazy.

Time Period:Modern and the Faerie Realm.

What I Thought: is the last one. As far as I know anyway. Some others were better, but it was still good. Frewin Jones keeps her books nice and clean and they are always very exciting!

Rating & Age:4 stars. 13 up.


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