Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eternity's Edge

Eternity's Edge by Bryan Davis
The second book from the Echoes from The Edge series.
Read my review of Beyond The Reflections Edge.
Eternity's Edge (Echoes from the Edge)
Summery:Though the universes (Yes, we said in plural) are safe...for now, Nathan is still searching for answers, his parents and more help for the universe. Who wouldn't in his situation? Your parents disappeared to who knows learn that there are three parallel earths...all that. Soon he and his friends Kelly, Daryl, and  Clara are on to another adventure and universes. Kelly though hurt and slightly blind from Mictar's attack, still tags along. She seems to be able to see better in a strange middle verse....where Nathan finds a strange girl who has been guiding and talking to  him in his dreams.

Romance:Loving/liking someone, a kiss, some pecks, hugs. Holding hands.
Bad Romance: Some talk about a mistake Kelly made and he and Kelly sleep on the same mattress barely touching in order to get into Kelly's dreams.

Language: Mention being a Jack--- (maybe)...otherwise none. 

Violence:Death/killing, murder, fighting, yelling/arguing, Mictar gouging out eyeballs and also blinding people, life force stealing. Bad injuries.

Other: Other earths/parallel earths. 

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought: I think the first was better...and I am always going to have The Dragons In Our midst series as my favorites. But as always if it is by Bryan Davis, it is good, exciting and keeping you up late reading. Note that some of the jumping to another earth and all that science/dimensional stuff can be a little confusing too.

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars. 14 up.


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