Saturday, December 10, 2011


Invasion by Jon S. Lewis.

Summery:Colt is just a normal 16 year old California surfer....and yes, blond shaggy hair. His dad takes him to some sort of an army training academy thing....Colt just can't remember it really. Top secret you know. But now Colt's parents have been killed in a car accident. That may not have been an accident. He is now living with his Grandpa (who looks a lot like a  WW2 comic book hero...or so some say). Colt is sucked into an adventure with his friends Danielle and Oz to stop and evil shapeshifting aliens from taking over the world. Yeah...normal. Not.

Romance:Liking someone, crushes, being girlfriend/boyfriend. A cheek kiss. Flirting, admiring, thinking/talking about someone.
Bad Romance:Cheating.


Violence:Murder, accidents, fist fights ( more like wrestling) fighting(bad guys). Shooting, injuries, people are taking over by mind control.

Other:Mention of drinking(not major), maybe drugs, aliens/monsters, mind control devices.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:For fantasy or Science fiction should like this book. It's funny, exciting and action packed. Also full of fun and aliens and quite an enjoyable read! The sequel's review:coming soon.

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars. 13 up.


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