Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eagle Strike

Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz.

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Summery:While on vacation in France Alex discovers that Yassen Gregorovich is there as well and is going to do something, most likely he has a target to remove.Though Alex still wants to get back at him for killing his uncle, Ian Rider, he doesn't take part.When the house he was staying in with his friend Sabina's family was blown up and her father seriously injured, though still alive, he decides to take part.He thinks it has something to do with Damien Cray, a multi-millionaire and singer.Since Cray is so big M16 won't back Alex up.So he goes in alone.

Romance:He kinda likes Sabina and there is a kiss at the end(not descriptive).

Language:d*m*, A**, C**p, H**l.

Violence:Bombs, fighting, shooting, threats, blood, bruises,  narrow escapes, psycho mad men.

Other:mention of smoking,drugs and drinking.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:As usual very exciting and fast paced.There was some more language in this one and the the bad guy was a bit different.Easy read and fun!

Rating & Age:4 stars.13 up.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess by Frewin Jones

Summery:After seeing her brother die by the hands of the Saxons, Branwyn is struck with grief and anger.She is sent to safety, now the only heir.Though she doesn't want to.She feel she should stay and fight if need be.In the safety of her families friends,waiting for a safe journey to be married(once again something she doesn't want), she treated rudely and like a savage.She wanted to fight, she just felt she wasn't brave enough.And now strange things are happening.Things that don't make any sense.

Romance:Mention of liking someone.


Violence:A big, bloody battle at the end and a smaller one before that.People killed..a lot of people.Wanting to kill/hurt people.When she was angry about the Saxons killing her brother she came upon a traveler and she thought he was a Saxon.So she beat him up a bit.Oops.

Other:Magic, false gods.

Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:It started of a little slow, but then picked up. I could definitely see her writing style in it too.She really seems to like prophecies.So, it was good other than the fact that Branwyn got really angry.

Rating & Age:3 stars.13 up.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Faerie Path

Faerie Path by Frewin Jones.

Summery:The day before her sixteenth birthday Anita Palmer is in a boating accident.Not fun.When she wakes up in the hospital she discovers that her boyfriend whom she was with, hasn't woken up yet.The he disappears.When a strange Shakespearean dressed man shows up and tells her she is a Faerie Princess, Tania, after transporting her to another world...she doesn't really buy it.Considering she thought she grew wings the other night after the accident.She thinks she is dreaming again.

Romance:Mention of being in love, falling in love.Hugging and holding hands.Maybe one kiss.

Language:One of the princess's female dogs was mentioned as a b***h.

Violence:Almost killing someone, banishment, trapped immobile in a bubble but still alive, several people slammed into walls.A boating accident.


Time Period:Modern.

What I hought:Surprisingly it wasn't depressing as I thought it would be.A great plot that really kept me guessing and it was well written.Keeping you along with it every chapter.I really liked this one.

Rating & Age:5 stars.13 up.


Monday, July 25, 2011

The Winter Of Red Snow

The Winter Of Red Snow by Kristiana Gregory.

I read the older copy(old cover)but this one's cover is prettier :)
Summery:Abigail lives in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.In the winter of 1777, General Washington makes camp there.Abigail's mother washes the general's clothes.Abigail and her sisters, Elizabeth and Sally, help out where they can sewing clothes for the soldiers and visiting the sick and injured with Ms.Washington. It will be a long trying winter.See the winter of Valley Forge through the eyes of Abigail Jane Stewart.

Romance:Her sister tries to find a husband by making a coat.She also gets a bit of crush on a young french officer.


Violence:Amputation,several boys die on thin ice,talking about battles, shooting people, several hangings, soldiers stealing and then some of them being shot if caught.

Other:Small mention of wine.

Time Period:1777-1778.

What I Thought:Very realistic, well done, a little gruesome to some, but I really liked it.It is a really good historical fiction book.This is my second time reading it I believe.

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars.11 pr 10 up.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Voices Of Dragons

Voices Of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn.

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Summery:Kay has always been adventurous.But when she crosses the border, accidentally, into Dragon?She was scared.Even more when she met a dragon.In fact her saved her life.But he is different then what she was taught about dragons.He is like her. As they start to become friends was with the dragons seems to be on the horizon.Can they stop the war and bring around a better peace?

Roamcne:A couple kisses.Mention of her friend making out with her boyfriend.Not very descriptive.A couple hugs and hand holding.
Bad Romance:She almost has sex with her boyfriend.She is being pressured by her friend.So that and some implications around that area.Her friend did it.

Language:S**t, P**s, D*m*,bul*s**t.And God's name in vain.

Violence:Shooting, some fires killing/hurting people, including(spoiler!) her dad.The threat of the war with the dragons.

Other:Mention (very slight) of drugs.

Time Period:Modern.Though a different past, so a different earth.Pretty much the same only there are dragons.

What I Thought:I wish that the author would have left out all the sex stuff.And the language too.But otherwise it was a well written book and a good adventure.

Rating & Age:3 stars.14 up.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treasuring Emma

Treasuring Emma by Kathleen Fuller.

Summery:After the death of her mother (her father is also dead) Emma starts to fall apart.Her sister, Clara, is worrying about money and pressuring her and she still hasn't gotten over Adam who broke her heart two years ago.Meanwhile Adam is finding that the life he thought would bring him peace doesn't.He comes home to see if he can find what he is missing.Can they both find God, Peace and Happiness?

Romance:Kissing, holding hands, hugging, loving, starting to love.
Bad Romance:Adam slept with a girl twice and then feels guilty about it and stops it a third time.(One chapter with her in it, after that zilch.) Clara(Emma's sister) and her husband Peter are having some marriage trouble and Clara has some bad thoughts toward Peter's cousin.She prays about it and God helps her.


Violence:An intentional fire(a girl that Peter's cousin hurt and stole from is hurt pretty bad with some glass that shattered during the fire), Leona(the grandmother) gets pneumonia and coughs up some blood, arguing/yelling.

Other:Drinking(brief mention).Emma's mom died from Cancer.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I really liked it! This is one of the best Amish books I've read so far and I haven't read many.It was very relaxing, as reading a book should be and the characters were so lovable!I would really recommend this book!

Rating & Age:5 stars.14 up.


I got this book free from the publisher.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Truth Of The Matter

The Truth Of The Matter by Andrew Klavan.

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Summery:Charlie West has been on a mission to find out his past, what happen in the year he forgot.Now he knows who can tell him what happened.Waterman.Waterman gives him an antidote to help him remember.When wakes up from a memory attack, he finds he is surrounded by the Homelanders, terrorists out to get him.Can he escape capture?

Roamnce:A couple kisses, falling in love/remembering falling in love.


Violence:People shooting at you, getting shot, dangerous (like you could die)situations, some fighting scenes and a good guy/ bad guy chase scene that ended in a car wreck.Charlie has memory attacks that are painful.


Time Period:Modern.

What I thought:Better than the last two(they were awesome too, but this one took the cake :) .It was tying things in so well!And such a big shock when his last contact is revealed.It was very well written.

Rating & Age:5 stars. 13/14 up.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Listen

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

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Sorry(once again)for the bad picture.
Summery:Annabel lives the fine line.Always careful to shield her mother from more hurt even if it means withholding the truth about Annabel's life from her.Ever since that night, when she lost her best friend, Sophie, and her social life, she has been estranged and's building up in her.But now that she has met Owen things have been...different.He challenges her with the truth and to just listen.

Romance:A couple kisses.Making out.Some flirting.Her sister(Older) got into a relationship but it was hardly mentioned.A crush.
Bad Romance:Annabel walks in on Sophie and her boyfriend making out.He kinda tries to rape her.He tries it again with another girl.

Language:S**t, P**s, W**re, B***h, D*m*, F***, H**l.

Violence:Arguing, some depressing arts, Owen hit someone pretty bad and got sent to jail for it.And he hits the bad guy :).

Other:Her sister had an eating disorder(threw up blood too).Mention of underage drinking, smoking and maybe some drug reference.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Not the best.There was a lot of negative stuff in this one.The other two were better.I just kinda think this one was a dud.

Rating & Age:2 stars.14 up.


Friday, July 15, 2011


Gone by Michael Grant.

Summery:Sam has had a crazy day.All the adults and teenagers fifteen and up disappear.No one knows what happened.And even scarier, some of the kids, like Sam himself, have developed strange powers.Sam can shoot lasers and create light.They are enclosed in a one can get in and no one can get out.They'll run out of food eventually.Can they survive without adults and with bullies ruling?

Romance:A couple kisses,starting to love someone and talking about it.

Language:A**, P**s, B***h and C**p.

Violence:Getting injured so badly that your flesh starts to rot, being attacked by talking coyotes, a car accident, several people dying(one because of internal bleeding), shooting at people, wishing harm on someone, wanting to kill people and amputation.

Other:A couple of guys wet themselves and a guy got hit down there as well.A sadist and some crimes(stealing) committed.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:There was a Catholic girl so they talked about God some(YAY!), this book had a great plot and it was very exciting.I would recommend it!

Rating & Age:4 stars.Maybe 5.14 up.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watcher In The Woods

Watcher In The Woods by Robert Liparulo.

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Sorry for the bad picture :(
Summery:With their mother kidnapped, all the King boys(David and Xander) want to do is find her.Their dad however knows that they need to plan and recuperate as well as act normal.So no one will be suspicious.That also means going to school.David is getting bullied a bit and is suspicion still finds them.As well as arguing and a man named Takisdian (?) who is trying to buy their house.When that doesn't work he starts trying to drive them out.

Romance:Mention of trouble with Xander's girlfriend.With the long distance relationship he feels that she is distancing herself.


Violence:Arguing,some tense moments of feeling threatened, a broken arm, two battle scenes(a lot of shooting in them.It was a war), bullying, an assassin chasing a  target and lots of danger.

Other:The doctor who sets David's broken arm(he ran into a tree) is suspicious when he finds other bruises.He thinks that his dad may be abusing him.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Well written, a quick read because it is so exciting and a good plot.I'm looking forward to reading the next book!

Rating & Age:4 stars.13/14 up.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz.

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Summery:In order to escape a Chinese gang trying to kill him Alex Rider has agreed to go to America.There the CIA will use him to get their agents into Cayo Esquelto or Skeleton Key for a scouting mission.It';s supposed to be safe for Alex and a vacation.Two weeks on the beach.It doesn't quite turn out like that though.As always there is some crazy guy(Sarov) trying to destroy and take over the world.Typical.

Romance:Sabina(a "friend" for now) kisses him briefly and saves his life.
Bad Romance:Sarov was going to make the Russian President look bad with some edited footage with some younger women.


Violence:Explosions, murder, battles/fighting,shooting. Sarov was willing to kill his own people in order to get what he wanted.

Other:Mention of drinking(not underage), smoking, and drugs.

Timer Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Exciting as always!And also tense, suspenseful, and it will keep you reading without stopping.Very enjoyable and an easy read.Looking forward to the next one.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 13 up.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Unfair Godmother

My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison.

Summery:When Tansy's dad is going to lose his job and they'll probably have to move, Tansy's boyfriend has a bad idea.He vandalizes a building and Tansy gets in jail for it.She is tricked into confessing against them by the cute police chief's son, Hudson.When hse gets her home her Dad is ticked.and if her day hasn't been enough, she finds out she has a fair godmother and three wishes.She asks for advice from Robin Hood...but things don't quite go the way she wanted.

Romance:Some kissing, mentioning loving or starting love.a baby from the future that is Tansy's.They  think it may be Hudson's as well.So a little talk about marriage and all that.She has a boyfriend at the beginning.Kinda two timing someone.

Language:None that I remember.

Violence:Robin Hood held up some stores, some arguing, fighting scenes.An evil fairy.

Other:Magic.Tansy  got frisked by an eager police officer, vandalism, and divorce.

Time Period:Modern and Medieval.

What I Thought:Spunky, a fun read, sassy, and funny.This series is awesome!As is the author!!!!!

Rating & Age: 4 stars. 14 up.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eyes Like Stars

Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Summery:Bertie has always lived at the Theater.But now she has one chance to prove that she belongs or else she will have to leave.She is going to direct Hamlet in Egypt.With the change will disaster strike?
Yes.Ariel a strange, mulling wind spirit has stolen the book(with all the plays written in it) and is trying to free himself.Meanwhile he is also freeing the other players.Can Bertie fix it, find her family, who she is and where she belongs?With her friends the fairies and the pirate Nate by her side...of course.

Romance:Two make out scenes(one a reenactment).Not very descriptive.
Bad Romance:Some more vulgar things(the fairies may have shaken their rear in a rude fashion...and uh bare fashion.I wouldn't wear it.Looks terrible) and in a bath scene where Bertie removes her clothes and there is a guy there.Nothing is shown really though.And it is portrayed as bad.It was like a Greek public bath(lots of fog too.)Ariel says to Bertie(when wearing a dress and corset) that she know has a figure.

Language:D*m*, H**l, A**.

Violence:Arguing, a bit of a harsh punishment for Ariel and Nate was captured.

Other:Magic.One of the fairies didn't have any underwear on because his laundry hadn't been washed.

Time Period:Not really sure.Maybe Victorian?

What I Thought:Confusing at some parts(especially the beginning), a couple bad scenes that could have been left out...a little dark her and there maybe.Other than that it was funny...the fairies especially.

Rating & Age:2 stars. 14 up.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Iron King

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Summery:The day before her sixteenth birthday, Megan Chase start seeing things.Strange things.On her birthday, her worst, her brother is swapped for a faerie Changling, her school life is ruined and her best friend happens to be a faerie too!Megan begins a dangerous in (more than one way) journey into the Faerie world to find her brother.

Romance:One kiss on the mouth one on the cheek.She has a crush on a jock who turns out to be a jerk.
Bad Romance:She is an illegitimate child.The King(her Dad) tells her what happened.The Queen isn't to happy.Nothing in detail.He just talks about how he met her mother(she was married) and she was lonely and one night...

Language:Ba***rd, D*m**t, A**, S**t, H**l, D*m*, B***h and P**s.

Violence:A ton of people attacking her, chasing her, trying to kill her.At the beginning the Fey really scare her.The Changling who replaced her brother bit her.

Other:Magic, mention of Satyrs may try to rape her and a phrase"Are you on crack?".
The guy she had a crush on, the faeries said he looked in the showers in the locker room and made it look like she did it.So he got mad and played a trick on her.Pretended to be nice, took a picture of her and then photo-shopped it to make her look flat and stupid.And uh naked.Kinda ruined her social life.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Well...there was a lot of bad stuff and language.It was a bit dark too.The plot was good though and I think that I will read the next one and hope that the language and themes are better.

Rating & Age:3 stars.14 up.


Sunday, July 3, 2011


East by Edith Pattou

Summery:Born to roam, that is Rose.Always exploring.When her family falls to misfortune and they are offered a way out she accepts.She has seen the giant White Bear before.And in order to help her family she is going to live with him.His last hope.To save him from a terrible fate and enchantment.But can she?

Romance:Thinking a lot about someone, starting to like someone,starting to fall in love.
Bad Romance:To break the enchantment she had to sleep with him for a certain amount of nights.This book portrayed it very well, it was classified as bad and they were"two arm-lengths form each other".It was better in that way than other retellings.


Violence:Sometimes the White Bear would be more like a bear acting hungry.Troll palace destroyed and one troll got blown up before that.And the strolls got buried in the snow and all.Several dangerous situations.

Other:Some drinking, magic and superstitions.

Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:It was a good retelling, but I liked Jessica Day George's better.It was definitely well written and that was great.I just don't like some of the things about it.And it seemed a bit long, dragging out.But great plot and lot's of action.

Rating & Age:4 stars.13 up.


Friday, July 1, 2011


Belle:A Retelling Of Beauty And The Beast( Once upon A Time) by Cameron Dokey.

Read my review of another book in the series, Beauty Sleep.
Summery:Belle's sisters are shockingly beautiful.Belle's name means beautiful, but she isn't beautiful like her sisters are.She feels like her face and her name don't match.When her father falls to misfortune they move to the country.There is a rumored Beast in "The Wood". And her father meets it.He tells the Beast of Belle's skill with carving wood.The Beast needs her to find the crarving in a tree.But she can't find it or bear to look in his eyes.

Romance:One kiss?Mention of someone liking/loving someone.


Violence:The beast yells at her father and Belle worries that it will eat her.


Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:In some ways it was similar to Beauty by Robin McKinley
(the beginning).I think I liked Beauty Sleep Better.It was a god book, I've just read better retellings.

Rating & Age:3 stars.13 up.