Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Book Tag :)

So I "stole" (no I asked :P) this booky tag from Celtic Traveler. Maybe you will too?
1. Favorite childhood book?
Ummmm...Ella Enchanted.
2. What are you reading right now?
The Maze Runner by James Dashner.
3. What books do you have on request at the library?
A lot :P

  •  Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  • Scarlet Moon by Debbie  Viguié
  • The Rose Of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden 
4. What do you currently have checked out at the library?
Oh man I am not going to even list this. I have 20 out okay :P 
5. Do you have an e-reader?.
Nope. I would like to get one though.
6. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once?

One at a time. I am not the best at muti-tasking.
7. Can you read on the bus?
Probably.I can usually read in the car.
8. Favorite place to read?
In my bed under my warm blankets.
9. Do you ever dog-ear books?
Yes. *Tear* I don't want to and bookmarks just do not work for me. I need to find something else to mark my spot.
10. Do you ever write in the margins of your books?
Nope. Just the Bible.
11. What makes you love a book?
Good characters that I can relate to, a great plot and a world I wish I could live in.
12. What will inspire you to recommend a book?
One that is good and that I loved.
13. Favorite genre?
Fantasy/Fairy Tale.

14. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews?
I feel bad for the author, because I don't want to be mean. But if I really didn't like it I wouldn't want my friends to not know.
15. Favorite Poet?
Hmmm... I don't read a lot of poetry but I like Emily Dickenson.
16. How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time?
At least 10. If it is below that I must be not able to have gone.
17. How often have you returned books to the library unread?
Hardly ever.
18. Favorite fictional character?
Urgh so hard! I would say... Billy. Or Walter. (Dragons In Our Midst) Or Enna or Finn. (Books Of Bayern) It is really hard to choose. Halt or Will Treaty. Tug. Yeah. Really Hard.
19. Favorite fictional villain?
Hard...I'd say Morgan Le Faye (or however you want to spell her name) from Dragons In Our Midst.
20. Books I’m most likely to bring on vacation?
Maybe one from the library but most likely one that is mine that I haven't gotten the chance to read yet.
21. The longest I’ve gone without reading.
Umm...a day?
22. Name a book that you could/would not finish.

Even though I sadly, did finish it I would say (and wish that I hadn't) Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. Post coming on that soon.
23. What distracts you easily when you’re reading?
A lot of noise and and headache :P
24. Favorite film adaptation of a novel?
Hmmm... The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. Though they shifted and added soem things I though they did really well. I'm anxiously awaiting The Horse And His Boy.
25. Most disappointing film adaptation?
Percy Jackson. No, on second thought The Princess And The Frog. It is nothing like the book, which I have read and I love. The book is called The Frog Princess. The only similarities are that a guy gets turned into a frog by a grumpy witch/witch doctor and then the girl (in the book she is a princess already) kisses him and instead of him being turned back into a human, she turns into a frog. And that is about it. I wasn't happy :(
26. What would cause you to stop reading a book half-way through?

A bunch of cuss words, pre-marital sex, and something really disgustingly violent. I can usually do violent but if it is bad...nuh-uh.
27. Do you like to keep your books organized?
Yes. I would love to have my own library room and organize my books by author. Right now they are organized by genre(kind of).
28. Do you prefer to keep books or give them away once you’ve read them?
Keep them!!!!!! All the way.


  1. Jessica:Then, Tag! You're it!!!!!!
    Keep Reading!


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