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Fire by Kristin Cashore.
Read my review of the first book, Graceling.

Fire (Graceling)Summery:A hidden world away from a world hidden from it. Fire is a monster with the ability to read and control people's minds. She dislikes the fact of this. Her father used the power for evil and now the kingdom, Dells, is at war. the King wants Fire to use her powers to spy. She attracts him, like all the others...except his brother,(there were a few other but I thought it easier not to mention them) Brigan. She admires that.She is only now growing into herself and who she will be.

Romance:Some kisses, loving, admiring, thinking about someone. Because Fire is a monster and monsters attract humans many people are attracted to her or hate her because she attracts.

Bad Romance:A bit of going to bed together mentioned,  seabane a plant used to prevent pregnancy mentioned,  (the bed etc part was not described.) people wanting to hurt. rape her. When she has a monthly she attracts other monsters who would want to kill or eat her. I think it was kill. And talk of that several times. two people got pregnant out of marriage.

Language:A--, B-t-h.

Violence: A good bit of killing and death. Leck (a bad guy) would hurt animals, Cransel (Fire's dad) would torture monsters he captured, frostbite (lost two fingers), animal abuse, a couple fistfights.

Other:People having Graces(special powers), monsters, being drugged.

Time Period:Another World.

What I Thought: Although it did have a bit of S-x stuff and as I said before it wasn't as visual as the first book (which still wasn't that visual) but there was a lot more of a guy who liked her sleeping with her and such. She was kinda iffy about him. And then there was more with Brigan. So if you can ignore all that it was a really good book! The author makes the world come alive and with the first book I could totally see the characters. I think that it is a good series with a few things that could have stood to be excluded...but if skipped it is a great fantasy :)

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars. 14 up.


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  1. I started reading Graceling, but I couldn't get into it either. Not that it bothered me at all, but I don't know. I thought it was maybe a little confusing and too slow paced. And Po's name really bothered me. Because when I think of "Po", I think of the panda from Kung Fu Panda. And I don't know, everytime I read his name, my brain was like "KUNG FU PANDA!" It was mostly Po's name and the too slow paced story for me, I think. But this one sounds pretty good. Will I be confused if I read this since I didn't really read Graceling?


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