Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Lady Of Bolton Hill

The Lady Of Bolton Hill By Elizabeth Camden.

Lady of Bolton Hill, TheSummery: Back from a bit of time in jail, Clara is back in the United States. Her father sent her to England 12 years ago, she was a great journalist until she probed a bit to far. Now back home she makes friends again with her childhood friend, David, who has risen in engineering, the only thing holding him back is his revenge and anger. Clara wants to help him but he pushes her away. She is having trouble with her father as well...and her emotions about David.

Romance:Some kisses, admiring, flirting, hugging/holding, holding hands, liking/loving someone.
Bad Romance: Mention of a prostitute.


Violence: Bad working conditions that caused injuries, kidnapping, being drugged, bad injuries, knocking people out, wanting to hit someone, burning a house down, beating someone up, yelling/arguing.

Other:Bad working conditions and pay, children forced to works in mines, suicide.

Time Period: 1879.

What I Thought:I loved it! The setting was wonderful and the descriptions too! The characters and plot did not disappoint and I as, it was recommended to me, would recommend it to you.

Rating & Age:5 stars. 14 up.



  1. Added it to my 'to-read' shelf on goodreads! Looks good :D


  2. Oh, I've been wanting to read this for a while!
    Good to know it has your seal of approval ;) {seriously!}


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