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Lonestar Sanctuary

Lonestar Sanctuary by Colleen Coble
Book one of the Lonestar series.
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Lonestar Sanctuary (Lonestar Series, Book 1)Summery: Allie knows someone is after her, he has killed her parents and her sister. So when he gets to close to her and his threats more threatening she runs to the man her dead husband told her to go to if she was in trouble.  She goes from the rodeo to a secluded ranch that helps troubled teens. Her five year old child, Betsy, hasn't talked since the accident that killed Allie's parents. Allie has hopes for safety and healing for herself and Betsy at Bluebird Ranch. But she gets so much more than what she hopes for... especially from Rick, whom she is more than a little attracted to.

Romance: Kissing (a little descriptive and under a dozen kisses), some adult implications to marriage(not really *bad* but not for younger ya know?) , hugging, attraction, flirting, thinking about someone, talking about someone, liking/loving someone.
Bad Romance:Mention of a bad past(girl) with men her mother brought home. The girl was one of the teens who came to Bluebird Ranch.


Violence:A murderer stalking Allie, scaring her, locking her (kinda)in a bathroom, threatening, killing/death, a plane crash, a car accident, kidnapping.

Other:Abusing horses, mention of drinking, drugs, illegal trafficking and such.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought: At first I thought I would be scary. But it is really just the Prologue. So if you read it and go whoa this is way to is just that part really. It is a good book and Collen did a great job. It is exciting, has a nice romance and has horses! Mercy Falls is still my favorite though :) Plus I guessed who was the bad guy so it is my good books :P

Rating & Age:5stars. 14 up.



  1. Love this series - it is a really awesome set of books.

  2. Rissi: It is a great series :) :) :) And a great author.
    Keep Reading...


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