Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking Forward To: The Nightmare Garden

The Nightmare Garden: The Iron Codex Book Two
Here is another Looking Forward To post!
So when I read The Iron Thorn (click for review here) I, at first, was a little unsure of it. It looked dark and a tad scary even. Plus the girl on the front was a bit immodest. But I really enjoyed it! It reminded me of Victorian, 1900s and a little bit of the black lacy, girly (and not dark and supernatural like) gothic stuff. You may or may not know what I mean. Also a bit industrial. I saw the movie Steamboy a while ago. A bit like that but more dimly lit. Anyway it had a great plot, nice and mysterious. And exciting, a touch of romance...and monsters too. So now when I heard  that the sequel, The Nightmare Garden, is coming out in February, (on Valentines actually) I was really excited. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!! So check it out already!

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