Monday, January 9, 2012

A Nuh-Uh: Hunger, Lies & Plague.

Now the first book of this series, Gone was a good book with a nice plot, pretty clean and it kept you reading, but the others in the series? Not so much...
Hunger: A Gone NovelIn Hunger, the second book, the story got darker and the so did the characters. It's basically teens running a town with evil mutants coming alive and attacking. And oh yeah, some of the teens are mutants too. Which isn't to good for safety reasons.It also had drugs, drinking, some violent scenes where two groups, the beach kids and the private school preps (who are pretty evil) fight. There was some romantic thoughts that were a little of course and quite a bit of language.I am not sure but I'm thinking someone's hand got cut off, to add to the violence part.

Lies: A Gone Novel
In Lies, there is "prophetess" who is a mutant who can see dreams. She claims to be able to see outside the dome surrounding the entrapped teens. There is a bit of violence, someone comes back from the dead (like I said dark and weird) a mutant is given a whip hand since his was cut off, by a dark, evil something. Still a small bit of lust, a bit of language, drinking/drugs. And mix in a gay character and people going through depression and stuff like it.And a bit of racism against the mutants from the humans.

Plague: A Gone Novel

In Plague, there is pre-marital sex, language, people seen in underwear, violent battles and eggs grown in people that hatch in their bodies and then eat their way out into mutant ants. It was pretty gross. Some pretty descriptive injuries and a plague is spreading(i.e. this book is still dark). The evil monster thingy is still fighting a little autistic kid who caused this whole thing and using people, trying to take over the place. A gay character, a sadistic character, and someone becomes pregnant near the end.

So though the first one was pretty good I really felt that these...where really not worth reading. So this is a new type of posts that I will be doing. Nuh-Uhs. I figure that if I read something that is not good I should let you know, not just the ones that I like.


  1. Aw, that's too bad! I was kind of looking forward to these books... Well, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Jessica: Sorry :( They have great covers and a pretty good plot but they are pretty dark. Your welcome :)

    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  3. They are dark . . . and creepy, I was stupid and read them at night!!!! lol


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