Saturday, February 4, 2012

North! Or Be Eaten

North! Or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson.

North! Or Be Eaten: Wild escapes. A desperate journey. And the ghastly Fangs of Dang. (The Wingfeather Saga)Summery:Now joined up with their uncle and having some answers, such as how Janner is the Throne Warden to his younger brother Tink who will be king and so many more, the family has planes to move. He, his siblings, uncle, mother, grandfather and dog are going to head North, where the fangs (lizards that have flown their country), who don't do well in the cold won't go. And where the rebellion against the fangs is. The journey will be dangerous...they could very nearly be eaten!

Romance: Janner thinks a girl is pretty, kinda likes her(brief). One kiss.

Language: None.

Violence: Battles, killing fangs(a lizard species that walks on two legs and are evil) fangs killing people, a dog dying, eating someone's leg, wounding very badly a dragon, some fist-fights, yelling/arguing.

Other: The guilt of leaving someone, calling someone coward, magic.

Time period:Another world.

What I Thought:Good for even the older kids! Although the book is written for younger I still enjoyed it and got caught in the adventure! And Andrew Peterson? Wow. He is a Christian artist, but also does kids music and writes these amazing books! And this is my favorite song of his :)

Rating & Age:4 stars. 10+

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