Monday, February 13, 2012

Promise Me This

Promise Me This by Cathy Gohlke.

Summery:With their aunt Eleanor making threats Annie's brother Owen decides he should go to The United States to start working with their father's brother. He'll send for the sad Annie when he can. Before he leaves however, he finds an Irish orphan, Michael Dunnagan, half he takes him in to work with him for the time he is still there. Michael had his family taken away from him...and he just had to get away from his uncle Tom. When Owen finds him it's like a second chance at family. So Michael stows away on the ship Owen is taking, the Titanic. As they travel Owen makes Michael promise to help him bring Annie to the United States. Through anything that happens, Michael intends to keep his promise.

Romance:A couple kisses (not described really), loving someone, wanting to be married to someone, hugging, attraction.


Violence:People seriously injured in the war, people dying on the titanic, injuries,  hardheartedness which lead to deaths, abusive uncle, death, kidnapping or sorts.

Other:Mention of drinking, smoking, stowing away, lying.

Time Period:1914-1919?

What I Thought: The ending and a few other parts that were just so sad and sweet had me crying :) It was a great book, I learned I lot that I hadn't known about the first world war and it was quite clean. Although I did feel like it seemed that (spoiler kind of...)  Annie & Michael fell in a love a bit quick, they had been writing letters and it had been growing. It was probably just me. This was a great book and I really liked it!

Rating & Age: 4 1/2 stars. Teens+
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  1. Thank you, Sierra, for your review of Promise Me This. It's so helpful to read your point of view as a teen, especially since these characters are close to your age. God bless!

    1. Thanks Ms. Gohlke, I really enjoyed it! Sierra
      Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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