Saturday, March 3, 2012

13 Curses

13 Curses by Michelle Harrison.
Read my review of the first book, 13 Treasures.

13 Curses

Summery: Red (or Rowan) changed places with Tanya when faerie wanted someone with the second sight (which means that they are able to see fairies) to take in Faerie. Now she has started her search for her brother who was stolen by Faeries. She is determined to find him. Soon a human named Stitch who knew Tanya has joined her.... and helps her to make it to the Seelie and Unseelie court she is given a difficult task. She seeks Tanya's help to find 13 charms of the 13 treasures now become curses.

Romance:Mention of liking someone in the past, marrying (someone else in the past).

Language: None.

Violence:A car accident, fairies dying, baby kidnapping, injuries, dangerous charms (when worn could bring death), crawling around in dark tunnels and a church caving in, vandalism.

Other:Fairies, goblins, witch (brief scene and rumors of), fey, stealing a little, lying, changlings, being stolen by fey.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I found it better than 13 Treasures, more exiting :) A good faerie book! Many secrets and a lot of surprises. :)

Rating & Age: 3 stars, 12+ *note*  I am going to try to really go deep with my ratings now, so no changing...if it really stands out then it'll be four or five, if it's average it will be 3. Anything below that isn't so good :P

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