Tuesday, March 13, 2012

City Of Bones

City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

City of Bones (Mortal Instruments)Summery:One night Clary Fray starts seeing things...demons and their hunters to be exact. As she tries to deal with the new world that she sees, the next night her mother has disappeared and she has killed a creepy demon. Soon the demon hungers, or Shadow Hunters as they call themselves, she met the other night have taken her in. She learns of her sight that was hidden for so long, her mother's past and the who was in her mother's past and who has kidnapped her mother. As she journeys to find her mother and the keys to her past she grows closer to the Shadow Hunters,especially the somewhat charming Jace... However her old friend Simon seems not to like her new life....

Romance: Flirting, a couple kisses, slight crush, admiring.
Inappropriate Romance: Some bad jokes regarding beds or female bodies, mention of making out. Reproducing mention briefly and not descriptively, skimpy clothes. She lies in bed with guy. I can't remember if he slept in it with her or not. It's possible I may be thinking of the next book... There are also a few gay characters (2)

Language:D-m-, A--, H--l, P--s, Ba----d, b---h, da---t, and God's name in vain.

Violence:Killing demons and such, injuries, some gruesome descriptions, hitting, being bitten by a werewolf, thus turning in to one, yelling/arguming.

Other:Tattoos kinda, werewolves, vampires, demons, angels (but not really...descendants.), warlocks, fairies, magic kinda.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought: An interesting book I kinda guessed part of it and that made me happy. :) Other than a couple things it was pretty clean. For a secular book of this genre. However I do not agree with the bad things and language in it. And some of the views/topics.  It was pretty exciting and kept me reading and wanting the second book.

Rating & Age:3 stars. 2? 14+

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  1. This series ROCKS! It is my favorite series next to Cassandra Clare's other series The Infernal Devices. If you haven't read that series, you must! :) Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince- they are amazing books. Love this book! And following you now!

  2. I was considering reading The Infernal Devices but I'll definitely check them out now! I'm about to start The City Of Fallen Angels. There are some things (like the gay characters, language, s-xuality and all) that I disagree with in The Mortal Instruments...but it is an exciting series with a good plot. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are)

  3. Oh, I haven't read City of Fallen Angels yet. :( Like all the books in the county are checked out. LOL, I CANNOT WAIT to read it!! I have to say, the Infernal Devices (Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince) are my favorite books and I've read an insane amount of books. :-) They are so well written, the story is fast paced, and gah. Yah. And when you're done reading Clockwork Prince, you will be dying for the next book that's coming out in November. I literally felt depressed for the rest of the day after finishing Clockwork Prince because I was so sad that it was over... and why am I going on and on about this book?? :-P Sorry. The gay characters, language and sexuality doesn't bother me just because it's all part of life and I'm a pro gay rights person, so I'm actually quite happy that Cassandra Clare included those characters. :-) But that's just me. :)

    please do a review of City of Fallen Angels when you're done reading it! :) And library, please get another copy of that book because I'm dying. :-P

    1. Hahahahaha, that stinks...maybe I'd better wait a little bit before reading them then...
      Of course, I don't meant to sound offensive and though I believe it is "wrong" I don't hate people like that and I definitely don't want to slam them and be mean :( That would just be wrong of me. I will be reviewing it! Hahaha :) No problem, I like long comments *grin* Sierra
      Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)

    2. I totally understand where you are coming from - if you think homosexuality is wrong, I'm totally cool with that. :)

  4. and that comment was sooo long. Gah. Sorry!


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