Monday, March 5, 2012


Divergent by Veronica Roth

DivergentSummery: At 16 teens are made to choose a faction:Amity (Peaceful), Erudite(Intelligence), Dauntless (Bravery), Abnegation (Selflessness) and Candor (honesty). When Beatrice Prior's test results aren't clear she is told she is divergent. Which she is immediately advised to keep to herself...but why? When she changes Factions (from Abnegation, she never found herself to be selfless, to Dauntless.) she becomes Tris...somehow she has always been tough. Not only that but her instructor, Four seems to be attracted to her as she is to him. Her whole world is upside down...can she be Dauntless enough to survive the upcoming battles?Who knows...

Romance: Some kisses, hugging, holding hands, making out kinda (I disagree), touching, liking, thing and talking about someone.
Inappropriate Romance:Tris has her towel stolen from her at one point and is taunted before she reaches the bathroom(couple seconds), one of her fears is being pushed for s-x, she mentions it to her boyfriend and at once or twice they touched a little to close for my liking.


Violence:Facing fears9sometimes violent ones), killing/murder, severe injuries, death, yelling/arguments, fighting (fists, until knockout/unable to continue), suicide, attempted murder.

Other:Tattoos, drinking ( a character gets drunk and one time mentioned otherwise).

Time Period:Future  (dystopia).

What I Thought: Ah-mazing! This book kept me up at night reading! Just as good and exciting as Hunger Games and is about the same with the violence and a little touchy on some of the romance but otherwise clean of language. Loved! And it's all thanks to my wonderful teen librarian for recommending it to me :) And you guys keep and eye out for No.2 it comes out in May!!!!!!!!!!

Rating & Age:5 stars (I mean it all the way!), 14+

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