Friday, March 9, 2012

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner Trilogy, Book 1)Summery:Thomas woke up in a dark box... remembering nothing but his name. When the box reaches the top of wherever he is, he is greeted by a group of boys called Gladers. He is told by the boys there that this is the Glade. For 2 years, every month a new boy shows up. There is a maze outside the Glade that the Gladers  have been mapping out, as it changes everyday. For 2 years...and they haven't found a way out. There are monsters outside called Grievers that are so is hard to imagine what could have created them. No one can remember their life before the Glade either. One thing else Thomas knows...he just has to be able to run the maze....mapping it out...

Romance:A bit of attraction, holding hands.

Language: Ar-e, made up ones an ones like cr-p and s-ck. (I have included those because some people consider them to be cuss words, usually I don't but I think I will start to, now.)

Violence:Death, banishment, monster mutations chasing and "sticking" you, pain/injuries, yelling/arguments, hitting someone, trying to kill someone.

Other:A sort of  disease killing some people mentioned, manipulative people.

Time Period:Future.

What I Thought:Wow. It drew me in pretty quickly and though it was perhaps a bit scary or dark is was about on the same level as Hunger Games and just as exciting! I liked it a lot :)

Rating & Age:4 1/2 stars. 13+
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