Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nightmare's Edge

Nightmare's Edge by Bryan Davis.
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Nightmare's Edge (Echoes from the Edge)Summery: Well it's finally, really happening.What they feared is only a few days until the universes collide together and a ton of horrible things will happen. So Nathan, Kelly, Daryl and his parents and many other (including a younger version of parents that Nathan has met due to parallel universe traveling...) friends are all trying to find a way to stop the impending doom. Walking around in creepy dream worlds, they try to find the keys to stopping the collision. All the while trying to stay alive from those who are trying as hard as Nathan and his friends are, only to stop Nathan rather than the worlds.

Romance:Cheek kisses, loving someone (parents).
Inappropriate Romance:Going to far and needing to be forgiven.


Violence: Searing someone's eyes out, murder, shooting, killing, injuries (bleeding, almost dying), yelling/arguments.

Other:Other worlds, parallel worlds, portals, dream worlds.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Good, but  a bit dark than Dragons In Our Midst and The Oracles Of Fire, I thought. I do like those series ^^^ better than this series, but for people who enjoy science fiction to fantasy, this would probably be a good series for them. As it is still a great book, well written, good characters and very exciting! A word of warning, Bryan Davis doesn't coddle his readers, he expects his readers to be smart enough to understand his writing (or most of it :P).

Rating & Age:3.9 stars. 13+
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